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  1. i hav ported this cfw into rm559 but im facing some bugs...so please help me to solve so that i can share a bugless cfw to u all... 1. wlan connected but cant surf the web... 2. 3g doesnt work... cant surf the web too but can sms...
  2. when i open a game~ example: farm frenzy 2 it shows out of memory error / java.lang.out of memory~ im using ginger dust v2 cfw~ help!!!
  3. help! i cant create a new playlist in the music player!!! how to solve???
  4. how to remove cover flow and ttpod from the list??? how to install kill me ? i cant install manually???
  5. i have a ported cfw for rm559 can i use other rm of uda file to flash with the ported rofs2 of rm559???
  6. navtrn help me please im using gdv2 now~ a bug showed up! once i want to refresh music library~nothing happen!!! wat should i do??? and what is covet flow???
  7. can u give me the link for me to download the c6v42 ported fw for rm559 by binh24??? the original link was dead~
  8. when im typing a message in abc mode~~~ i long press the "abc2" button~ but it show a2 instead of 2~~~how to solve this???
  9. if i copy the rofs2 of the cfw for 5230 to the ported x6 fw by binh2~can it work???
  10. can you give me the link of 3g fix and cam fix??? thx for your help~
  11. how to port??? can u give me the tutorial???
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