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  1. i flashed but problem not booting in to the phone if we don't copy the thinkchange folder their will be no problem i guess. can you be more specific in the folder name that was given (promod_thinkchange/e (or) thinkchage/e)
  2. http://www.ainol-tablet.com/ainol-novo-9-firewire-quad-core-retina-tablet-pc-9-7-inch-16gb.html check this one it's damn good only problem is it don't have gps and bluetooth but it's a quad-core tablet and got 2 gigs of ram and 2048×1536 resolution
  3. Update nokia cooker v2.9 to v3.0 link HERE
  4. SRY FOR LATE REPLY BUSY WITH EXAMS i uploaded all as one file check HERE
  5. When i started to learn modding i felt lazy to collect all files required Then i found MODDING TOOLS BY RUSHI1607 and very happy to see all at one place [move]THANKS TO RUSH1607[/move] Even i took a bit of time for downloading all files > > So i uploaded all files as single file so u can download them :- DOWNLOAD HERE THIS CONTAINS :- 1 ) Hex editor 2 ) MBMConverterv1.2 3 ) MediaBar Editor 4 ) MIF Maker 5 ) navifirmplus_1.7 6 ) Nokia Firmware cleaner 7 ) Nokia Firmware Editor 8 ) Nokia QWERTY-Keyboard Editor 9 ) nokiacooker_3.0 10) nokiaeditor be
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