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  1. Yes, you are right bro! With the advancement of the android OS and the taking over of Nokia by Microsoft, support to Symbian is almost closed completely. Moreover no one is interested in modding Symbian OS as there are no new smartphones releases based on this OS. So, all over Symbian is dead now!
  2. Sorry for late reply due to my exams! You can edit your rofs2 via nokia cooker & paste the tap to unlock files in respective locations! :cool: if you need any other help ask here!
  3. thanks bro but where is the attachment or link for the file!
  4. yup! I also agree with you, n working on adding custom sound to it. But iam not having any collection of such sounds, did check the nokia official site,but not found! If somebody have such menu sounds then plz send those to me so i can mod it!
  5. just rename rofs2 according to your firmware version and also use right core according to your version i.e. v60.0.003
  6. use exe master it will make your apps autostart with phone boot
  7. bro open .7z file with winzip & there u see your core file
  8. Use this app to get your desired sound effects. You will love your simbian a lot more after this! :)
  9. you can also do it yourself bro just read the tutorial on forum. If u face any problem then i will do it after my exams are over! :)
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