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How to Root Motorola Defy (MB525) and Motorola Defy+ (MB526)

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Thanks a lot! It worked for me: MB525, Boatloader 9.10, using Superoneclick (default method worked). The Superoneclick link to dropbox is not working for me now but the program can be found easily on download.cnet.com . I needed to disable my virusscanner (Avira) before start of downloading Superoneclick. The Superoneclick guy deserves a serious 'thank you' and a lot of donations.

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i have bootloader 9.10 and version 45.0.2310.MB526.AsiaRetail.en.03...is that mean my phone is rooted i havent done anything yet this is the version i got after i officially update to 2.3.6

seems like your phone isn't rooted yet, since you said you just made an official update... To check install the root checker app from store. If it isn't rooted follow the steps in the OP

Sent via my Defy+

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Guys, I have just successfully rooted my MB526 Defy+ but now appears a problem with signal. It is very low and most of the time, I even don't have any signal at all.  #-o Has anyone had the same problem after rooting?

Have you chqnged you baseband settings according your country...?

Sent from my defy plus.

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