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Make your desired homescreen as default homescreen [for ofw or cfw based on ofw]


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The needed cenrep file is 10207342.txt

You can find it in rofs2\private\10202be9 folder

You need to edit this string

0x102750f0 int 536988645 16777216 cap_rd=ReadDeviceData cap_wr=WriteDeviceData

Change the value after int i.e "536988645" to the value according to your desired homescreen.

The values for different homescreen themes are as below.

Basic => 271068379

Contacts Bar => 536988645

Shortcuts Bar => 271068379

So you need to change the value to one of them.

Example (For 'Basic' as default hs)


0x102750f0 int 536988645 16777216 cap_rd=ReadDeviceData cap_wr=WriteDeviceData


0x102750f0 int 271068379 16777216 cap_rd=ReadDeviceData cap_wr=WriteDeviceData

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