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How to use Nokia FW Cleaner 3.0


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Tutorial + Download for using Nokia firmware cleaner 3.0:

Want to delete rofs2 built in applications? like Adobe PDF? Zip ? etc..?



1. After starting the program, enter the path to directory unzipped firmware (to folder data, private, etc.).

  - A program to put down checkmark next to the applications that are present in the firmware

2. Put a checkmark in the applications that want to remove

3. Click "Add" (plus sign). The right column should appear the words "list ready."

4. "Delete" (X)

The backup \ Application Recovery:

I. Back up your necessary applications

  1. Put a checkmark in the desired application

  2. Click on "Buckup"

II. "Return" the right applications

  1. Put a checkmark in the desired application

  2. Click on "Return".

To check how many free places are available and will be deleted when you delete files selected applications to:

- Specify the correct path to the firmware

- Select the appropriate application

- Click "Calculate"

- All calculations are up to kilobytes

credits to newcooller


Click here


Posted Image

[img width=561 height=420] 2.jpg

[img width=559 height=420] 3.jpg

[img width=567 height=420] 4-1.jpg

[img width=557 height=420] 5-1.jpg

[img width=561 height=420] 6-1.jpg

[img width=570 height=420] 7.jpg

[img width=561 height=420] 8.jpg

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I have tried it on Win7 and Win XP, all the same. I even have tried NFC version 2.2, but no luck.

I wanna remove some apps from Krystal^1.5. Is the rofs2 locked up or something?

dude, try with some other rofs2, may b krystal has all the apps deleted.. :D

n v2.2 always works  for me. :)

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Guest Prayaas Aggarwal

how can i restore my original firmware of nokia 5233. I m using neutronv12.

Hello.. Next time, please post a separate thread for this.. :)

You may ask a question in a thread only if it is related to the topic..

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