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  1. Original is good but now im kinda addicted to CFWs Sadly, I have removed Whatsapp
  2. Navibar Mod given on the first post, doesn't work with Swipe to Unlock Need Solution!! ASAP..
  3. I recently changed my Logon Screen using some software (Popular one.. i dont remember the name) And after next boot. The windows showed "Please Wait..." and screen blinks, and this keeps happening in loop. Anyone knows what went wrong? My Configuration: Windows 7, 4gb ram, i5 processor, Intel HD graphics, Nvidia 1gb Graphic Card. Please help me why it happened. I have recovered my windows again using System Restore.
  4. Guys, I changed my Icons to N8 and now my Nokia Browser's buttons are gone! Take a look at the screenshots.. Plz tell me how to fix this!
  5. alright I dont see any c# topic, so why dont you guys just remove it from the board??
  6. The phone works well again. Happened only once, I think I flash my phone toooooooo much, you think that might be the reason? I flash almost every 2-3 days anyway phone's stable again And FYI, there is NO VIRUS! I'm 200% sure!
  7. everything was running smooth ith my nokia 5233 running krystal cfw suddenly as I was texting someone.. Phone got weird! Symptoms: 1. Phone not getting locked by slider. 2. Sim Memory Full, while msgs are empty in sim. even phone memory got 88 sms only. 3. Phone light is not turning off! Continous on! 4. Sensor not working. 5. Power button not working.! 6. Camera button not working! Please help me!! I'm going to remove battery and re-insert!
  8. You deserve my +1 dude! IT IS THE ULTIMATE POST!! I dont think I will be needing anybody else for help!! Hats Off!! Page Bookmarked
  9. Yup I flashed it day before yesterday, and I'm satisfied with the cfw, everything works well..! +1
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