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I want samsung corby home screen on my nokia 5233 Help me anyone....

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#-o:-? Bro i don't understand....plz give me download link...plz

Download Omnia Homescreen from here

Steps to do:

first of all goto c:/sys/bin. if u find a file 'touchwizrecognizer.dll' remame it to 'touchwizrecognizer.dll_BAK' n follow as given below.

1: you need you phone to b hacked.

2: In downloaded file you can find C2Z_ Maker. Install it or put c2z.rmp in patch folder in memory card i.e E:\Patch.

*If you choose C2Z_Maker, install it and open options->generate (note: you must apply open4all patch in rompatcher)

3: In downloaded file you will find i8910_widget_ Hs_v_1.0 folder.

4: Apply open4all in rompatcher.

5: Go to x-plore and copy private,resource,sys,system and widgets foolders in c:\  (phone memory)

*donot copy (gadget.swf) to c: phone memory but copy it in e: memory card

6: After copieng files restart your phone and after restarting you can see (Samsung Widget) apper in homescreen themes but don't apply it.

7: Go to rompatcher and apply c2z patch

8: Go to settings->personal->home screen->homescreen themes-> apply Samsung Widget.

9: wait and you will see samsung omnia hs in your home screen

And add +1 if u think i helped u :)

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i am now flash with blaze and i can't play this samsung hs plz tell me how i install it,. Plz i am new user in here... Plz i requested to all....

go to settings->personal->homescreen->homescreen theme and apply flash live homescreen there ...for now use it ..

i'll post all other homescreens related to flash live and all live wallpapers with tutorial in a new thread ...i'll do it tonight or tomorrow morning ..have patience plz :)

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