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Guys check this out (Its hillarious!!)


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So it was a long time ago...i was using this omegle site.

I used their new feature(now quite old) ''spy mode''

i posted sme shitty ques lyk....which is the hottest scene(s** scene  =)) ) ?

For noobs, spy mode: U ask a ques to 2 strangers and they post their views.

So guys read this txt file..

My bad: I cudn't watch their whole conversation as my net disconectd in b/w!!  :-q

Guess wat else they wud have talkd after that???  =))  :P  :-bd

Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: um
Stranger 1: kim kardashian
Stranger 1: she's gorgeous
Stranger 2: not a s** scene but the hard fighting making out of bradd pitt and angelina jolie
Stranger 2: in mr. and miss smith
Stranger 1: oh ya
Stranger 2: 
Stranger 1: lol Rough play is the best
Stranger 1: asl?
Stranger 2: u first
Stranger 2: 
Stranger 1: lol 19 male, hiding something? 
Stranger 2: are u straight or bi?
Stranger 1: strait as a ruler
Stranger 1: sorry buddy
Stranger 2: haha
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 2: dont worry
Stranger 2: female here
Stranger 1: lol thank god
Stranger 1: so many gay guys on here
Stranger 2: rofl
Stranger 1: I'm tired of it lol
Stranger 2: ohk
Stranger 1: asl yourself 
Stranger 2: i'm 21 by the way
Stranger 1: nice
Stranger 2: 21 and female from australia
Stranger 2: you?
Stranger 1: Aussie? nice haha, i dated an Aussie girl once
Stranger 2: cool
Stranger 2: your 19 and male from???
Stranger 1: Beautiful women in that country
Stranger 1: Texas
Stranger 1: US
Stranger 2: thanks
Stranger 2: oh cool
Stranger 2: young blood
Stranger 2: 
Stranger 1: haha
Stranger 1: not to brag but I have slept with older than you
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: but i havent slept with younger than u
Stranger 2: 
Stranger 1: this is true lol
Stranger 2: by the way i can be verrry rough at play
Stranger 1: Wonderful, thats my favorite 
Stranger 2: describe yourself a bit
Stranger 1: 6'1 Persian, Medium built, College student, yourself?
Stranger 2: nice height
Stranger 2: i'm 5'7" toned....blonde
Stranger 2: and yea i work as a gym instructor
Stranger 1: hell ya, blonde is my favorite color
Stranger 1: Thats awesome
Stranger 1: I use to do MMA
Stranger 2: oh cool
Stranger 2: how much can u bench press hon?
Stranger 1: truthfully? around 220 maybe
Stranger 2: ooh i'm impressed
Stranger 1: I use to 290 but I had a shoulder surgury
Stranger 2: oh ok
Stranger 1: MMA accident haha
Stranger 2: the maximum i've lifted is 170
Stranger 1: for bench?
Stranger 1: thats still really good
Stranger 2: but on a general its 140 around that
Stranger 1: I don't know many strong women haha
Stranger 2: haha ohk
Stranger 1: Lets play a game, ask me 3 questions about anything
Stranger 1: and i will answer 100% truthfully
Stranger 2: um ok
Stranger 1: no matter what it is
Stranger 2: when did u lose your virginity?
Stranger 1: 14 years old haha
Stranger 2: woa there
Stranger 1: in my ex's parents bed
Stranger 1: ya i know
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: ok 2nd one
Stranger 2: ever had anything inside your a**??? i know it sounds gross but most men do it atleast once
Stranger 1: in my ass??
Stranger 2: yup
Stranger 2: i mean by a woman
Stranger 1: oooooo
Stranger 1: yaaa
Stranger 2: since u said u arent gay ofcourse
Stranger 1: lol
Stranger 2: yes
Stranger 2: ?
Stranger 1: 1 girl stuck a finger up there when she was going down on me
Stranger 2: how was it
Stranger 1: Truthfully, I was reallly drunk, and I don't remember fully
Stranger 2: haha ohk
Stranger 1: I just remember it felt good and bad
Stranger 1: haha
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 2: 3rd one
Stranger 1: shoot
Stranger 2: ever been dominated by a woman??? describe it if u were
Stranger 1: yup
Stranger 2: go on
Stranger 1: I dated this one girl for 2 years out of highschool, she would sleep over and wake me up sometimes by riding me
Stranger 1: she had that dominant fetish stuff
Stranger 1: told me not to move, and let her to do all the work
Stranger 1: i just just play with her tits or spank her
Stranger 1: haha
Stranger 2: cool
Stranger 2: or rather hot
Stranger 1: ya I think so too
Stranger 2: 
Stranger 1: lol I'm surprised you didn't ask a dick question
Stranger 1: literally 6/7 women I've talked to have asked me
Stranger 2: lol its the thrusts that matter not the size
Stranger 1: so now its 6/8 haha
Stranger 2: anyways u can tell me how big is it
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 1: haha motion of the ocean
Stranger 2: lol
Stranger 1: I took a picture so people would believe me
Stranger 2: ohk now i;m curious
Stranger 1: 8.2 inches 
/link removed - NikShiP
Stranger 2: big boy there
Stranger 1: haha Persian blood
Stranger 2: lol ohk
Stranger 1: how about yourself, my name is Daniel btw
Stranger 2: i am Jenna

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