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Basic of hacking-TELNET!!


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Its a pretty old method but nowdays also it works and being used by most hackers.... telnet is a program which is embded in windows ..using this u can connect to a remote server ,,hang up his system...shutdown his computer steal data(advanced) and lots more.. but its not that much easy u think..! first u need the ip address to proceed before anything..so problem occured is how get the ip address...(note:to telnet the ip the ip should be active @ that moment)...solution is u need to know which port the target is going...so i can't tell u that much deep..so basically u need a port scanner ...like airtel uses port 80 etc..every brand uses a port to connect through internet.. 2nd step u can use many port scanners available google it...one i recommend is SATAN...this is old but quit silent...(note:port scanning is an cyber crime) when u got the list of ip's going through the port u hav try one by one every ip... try all possible ip's as u can use this url to locate ip http://www.ipaddresslocation.org/ then once u got the victims ip..nxt step is telnet open telnet enter the ip to connect.. example o (enter) (IP of victim) here o is connect to host... once connected u will see a window it has various options like crash victims pc restart etc.... But the big dupe is that u can't connect with anyone ANSWER:because thats why firewalls made.. so for hacking u need to break the firewall which i can't explain here as its an cyber crime... i made the post difficult to understand coz due to my safety i can't tell u direct way connectng to a host...

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