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[Tutorial] How to change dialer icon COLORS + How to put them in rofs


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How to change dialer icon COLORS

1.) Extracting/ripping theme files from your cfw

\private\10207114\import\ --> location on rofs for .skn file

\Resource\skins\ --> location on rofs for .mbm & .mif file

2.) Launch sisContents and click New Package button and select S60 theme package..

Posted Image

3.) A pop-up windows will appear (S60 theme package files), then browse the files of your theme that you've ripped from your rofs

Tip: Themepackage should be copy to same folder so that it will be loaded at the same time by sisContents..

Posted Image

4.) Once you've selected the theme package files click Create button

Posted Image

5.) On sisContents window click Contents button left of pkg icon (now you can see the package files with .ini, .skn, .mbm and .mif)

Posted Image

6.) Now doubleclick on .skn entry file and a new window will appear again, then choose Colours tab menu

7.) Use the Search box and type Idle Middle Softkey Icon

Posted Image

8.) Select Idle Middle Softkey Icon entry and click Change colour value at lower left or simply doubleclick it and choose your desired color for your dialer icon

Posted Image

9.) Once color is selected click Close and click Extract Files button left of sign menu, a pop-up windows will appear under private folder with corresponding name of files --> copy those newly created .skn, .mbm and .mif theme package files to your rofs (default location stated at step 1) then repack and reflash.. :)

Posted Image

How to put dialer icon in rofs:

Use NFE/ Nokia Firmware Editor

Open rofs file then Click Extract

Click "+" sign with corresponding names at left part of NFE windows

Locate Series60skin.mif at resource/skins/101f84b9, you may delete or overwrite the file

[img width=553 height=420] 2v34itu.jpg

Steps on replacing Entry291.svg on Series60skin.mif

1.) Open sisContents, click New Package button then choose Empty Packge/ Ctrl+ N

2.) Uncheck S60 3rd Edition devices then click OK

3.) Click Contents button besides pkg menu button (left part)

4.) Click Add file entry and browse your Series60skin.mif file, then click OK once you've selected it

5.) Now doubleclick on that entry (the mif file you've selected) then search for Entry291

6.) Cick Replace image and browse the .svg file of the icon you wanted to be your dialer icon then click Close

7.) This time click Extract Files menu button, a pop-up windows will appear

8.) Select the .mif file inside this folder "SisContents\untitled\resource\apps" then drop it on its default location in your rofs and reflash


NOTE: Filename should be rename to Series60skin.mif before dropping to rofs or you may also rename it inside the NFE.

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