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Youlu Address Book 1.25 Freeware


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Youlu Address Book 1.25 (freeware)

Download at Youlu.com

Updated on 13/5/2011:

1. Optimized online status of Youlu Messenger.

2. Optimized message loading speed and memory usage.

4. Added a badge to identify the owner of group chat.

5. Support to input name before exchange phone numbers.

6. Optimized file transfer mechanism.

7. Solved the bug that made the app unable to launch.

8. Support for adding additional shortcuts like 'Youlu Messaging' and 'Youlu Dialer' by install an enhancement package. Click here to download the enhancement packageClick here to download the enhancement package.


• Vastly improved search speed (with most contacted

contacts pushed to the top).

• Text message input box directly associated with recipient

(similar to Gmail or Outlook).

• Text conversation.

• Smart Dialing on home screen.

• Fast and safe syncing service.

• One-button call recording.

Please hit "Thanks" if you appreciate my updates! :)

About Youlu Address Book

Here's a very nice manager and user interface for your address book, text messenger and call logs.

Like a mix of T9Nav, free-iSMS and a backup service for your contacts. Kind of hard to explain- just try it, it's free! :)

The key features of this application are:

  • - Advance Address Book
  • - Options to create and edit contacts, contact groups
  • - Work with messages in the form of dialogues (SMS-chat)
  • - Quick search of contacts by number.
  • - Solo Magazine calls and messages for each contact
  • - Record conversations feature
  • - Hot keys support
  • - Vibration signal on different options
  • - Quick access to your address book from the standby mode
  • - Creating a backup
  • - Synchronize contacts and calendar online to youlu.com
  • - Selection term synchronization
  • - Auto update
  • - and much more...

A few screenshots

Posted Image

Quick search

[img width=235 height=420] Scr009877.jpg

Text message view

[img width=235 height=420] Scr009879.jpg

The application puts an icon on the startpage

By the way, I found a theme that matches the application really nicely: Ultramarine Light

Check out the darker version as well (thanks Undertaker): Ultramarine Dark

Download at Youlu.com


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