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Tool - Nokia BB5 USB Utility v 2.5 by Fr3nsis


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Full credit to Mr.Fr3nsis

Attached a tool which is multi tasking utiilty for BB5 phones.

Posted Image


All phone information's like Model  , IMEI  ,sw version , sim lock condition


Security code reading


Do not venture this -  i have not tried this

4-BACKUP 120 AND 308

This is the IMEI back up area in the phone - Use full for those in BB5 phone repairing.


Same as above

6-BACUP FULL PM (0-512)

This can be done .This is use full to back up phone data when combo memory is erased. Require to remove 308 areas before back up .Can be done with box only.


Every one knows about this


Not to venture in to this.Again By BB5 phone repair area.


Can be done.

All the jobs can not be done at one time .

Select the jobs from the drop down menu to perform.



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version 2.6 is attached.

Fr3nsis comment about v2.6

"I have fixed error during read info routine .

Error was generated by my crap sim lock block parsing function"

Another  tool  " Product code changer "  which supports the new product codes like  059F2J8 attached from Russisn site

Thatz great !!!

+1 for the update :)

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In the Full pm  section 308 section 5 gives you the security code. open that PM file in "NOTEPAD" now scroll up to FIELD [308] and on the 5th RECORD ur security code is saved like this; 5=31313131310000000000 remove all the "3" digits and it will be like that 5= 11111 0000000000 now its 11111 thats it. Nokia 5800 SL3 phone  Full pm you will not find this  !!!! Security Code Calculator for DCT3 &DCT4 models     DCT3 2100 3210 3310 3330 3410 402 5110 5210 5510 6110 6150 6210 6250 6500 7110 8210 8250 8850 8890 9000 9100 9210     DCT4 1100 1101 1110 1600 2300 2600 2650 3100 3120 3200 3220 3510 3510i 3650 3660 5100 5140 6020 6021 6030 6060 6070 6080 6100 6101 6103 6170 6111 6220 6230, 6260 6310 6310i 6510 6810 6820 6822 7200 7210 7250 7250i 7260 7270 7280 7360 7600 7610 7650 7700 8310 8800 8910 8910i You can also find the Security code for many Nokia phones without using any data cables with this calculator. Just enter the IMEI of the phone (press *#06# on your phone). Enter the IMEI  to get the  code. Attached Mastercode.jar . This is a java application works in pc on command line. Extarct the mastercode.jar to a folder . Open the cmd. Change the directory to the java.exe . C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin>java.exe then type the below command -jar followed by the path of the mastercode.jar. Then enter you will get the  window like attached master.jpg Model command line is below C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin>java.exe -jar C:\Users\acer\Desktop\C6-CRAZY\mast ercode.jar C:\Users\acer\Desktop\C6-CRAZY\mastercode.jar = is the path of the jar in my pc. To get online code  http://www.unlockme.co.uk/master.php



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