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Dukto R4 [v4.2.0]


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Hey guys have you ever got tired of using your USB to transfer your files to the phone especially when its just for one file.

Im sure now days most of you guys use wifi at home and use your phones to surf wirelessly

Have you every wondered if you could transfer files without the headache of using wire i.e wirelessly.

If so well look no further as i have found the App just for you.

Dukto R4 is the name and yes its Free.

All you you need is:

A Wi-Fi enabled Symbian Smart-phone

Wi-Fi Router

A Windows/Mac/Linux based PC connected to Wi-Fi router


Simple user interface

No server or internet connection needed

Zero configuration

Clients auto-discovery

High speed file transfer

Multi-OS native support

No installation needed, standalone executable

No configuration files or registry changes

Multi files and folders transfer

Transfers log

Free and open source

Also, the latest releases brings the following improvements:

Send and receive text snippets (eg. useful for sending URLs)

Open received files directly from the Log page, now on all the supported platforms (previously only on Windows)

Windows 7 taskbar integration with progress and transfer indicator

Show your IP addresses on the IP connection page

Various bug-fixes and improvements

Full Unicode support

The Setup:

First Download the app on your Nokia phone over Ovi Store

Now download PC application on your PC

1. For (Windows) can be downloaded from here

2. For (Mac) can be downloaded from here

3. For (Linux) can be downloaded from here

Install the app on Mobile ( No installation required on PC, just run *.exe to initiate the app)

Open the Server app on PC


Posted Image

[img width=488 height=319] 7.jpg

[img width=716 height=420] 4.jpg


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omg. .u are too awesome

I was not knwing such app ever existd.

Btw, i remember some random person on pnht forum reporting that this dukto app is nt working in my 1st cfw. . .was that person you 'tristar' ??

hehe thanks bro...hmm not sure about that, if it was me i go by the same name tristar2 and im not sure but i think i came to know ur cfw only on dailymobile 1st, and that maybe long back, but ya i was a total noob back then dont remember. but this app works perfectly on ur cfw now ive tried it :D

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did as die told prob still exists n qt is installed correctly... is this fw prob as face it with major qt apps like fmobi etc...

well try installing the ovi version with smartinstaller and check if any dependencies are missing, which could normally be the case....if the dependencies install fully, restart your phone and check again.

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