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This tutorial will tell you how can you save files on c while trying a new fw

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This tutorial will tell you how can you save files on c while trying a new fw Things you will need 1) Rompatcher with open4all patch 2) Xplore 3) Space in memory card ateast more than your c drive 4) Nokia firmware editor beta 0. 7 5) A blank or working uda file Now how it will work you will have to follow these steps 1) Apply open4all 2) Open xplore with settings to show all files 3) Create a folder of your choice in memory card 4) Mark all files and folders of c drive 5) Edit>copy to folder in mmc you just created 6) Now connect phone to pc in mass storage copy the folder to pc 7) Open nokia fw editor 8) Open uda file 9) Extract 10) You will get an im g in fat 16 folder 11) Open that image with magic  iso 12) Delete everything in it (just select all and delete ) 13) Now open the folder you copied from mmc (or your c drive) 14) Drag and drop all files in image (screen shot posted) 15) Click  save 16) Now click repack on nfe 17) You are done just use this file after renaming for flashing and your phone will have same setting as the time you created it 18) For memory card I had two mmcs so I didn’t even put my mmc in phone with other mmc 19) If you have just one mmc (most probably) copy every thing in it to your pc and then format It and flash other fw when you have to return to this fw copy all data back .

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tell the mods to delete one of them i was working on 1st one and browser crashed so i made a new one I dont know much about posting new threads probably my first thread

i have mentioned it to die tomorrow thanks for pointing out

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