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Nokia 5800 RM-356-v60.0.003 ►Blinkl|Dragon CFW based on c6v41|January 25, 2012


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Special thanks to Symbianize, DM and PNHT Modders

Feel, Experience, Extend the use of Touch

CFW Name: Blink|Dragon C6v41

Creator: devilbats17

Model : Nokia 5800

Supported RM's : RM-356 (v60)

Base Firmware : C6 v41.0.10

Language : English Only

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Posted Image

[img width=236 height=420] 33ky6gk.jpg [img width=236 height=420] v4z910.jpg


January 25, 2012

Changed startup image and sound (location: Data\boot)

changed theme effects to android or smoke effects (thanks to eveo123) edited

changed default date and time

changed default profile name

changed dialer icon

changed default idle background

kinetic scrolling from previous releases used

rest of the mods are intact

December 13, 2011

New theme effects ( Atlantis effects by Dscobsct) watch

Improved UI

Phone cache doubled (x2)  (thanks to Ash for this idea)

Music bug on Go to Music fixed

Default date change to dec 13, 2011

Check and comment for other updates

ChangeLogs - December 01, 2011

New theme effects

Fixed bugs on contact and messaging spacing on button

Added icon for show open apps for menu, and applications

Improved wifi sensitivity

New rofs2,core and uda use (thanks to binh24 & furcom)

New dialer icon mod

Return symbian belle symbol for menu

Use S^3 fonts for pro-look

New square D-Design belle icons

Different icon for mediabar

Fixed navibar bugs

Added Nokia Ovi Maps

New wallpaper on theme

Improved UI & system performance see and feel

Note: If you want the active profile of "General" just change the modified name in the rofs2 @ private\10202be9\101F8798 sting value 0x2

If you want to attain 80MB of phone memory you may not also use uda file

Not all icons are changed, only menus and some submenu & application icons

New Dialer

New Menu symbols

Fixed bug on opening "Phone Management" (thanks also to Allen for the advise & all the co-modders  )

New Native Browser v7.3.31 (thanks to dm modders and also to Badvlad)

New Swipe to Unlock mod (thanks to binh24 & Kando)

Fixed Mediabar icons when pressing and running on background

Changed notification widget to transparent while with logs (messages/missed calls) it will become color green

Fixed bug on notification while phone is lock/idle

Added Blink|Illusion theme base from AttisX with transparent HS (thanks also to Jusfer for editing)

Right softkey is default to "Contacts", you can change it by selecting menu symbols on Application (change Right softkey)

Used iPhone style Fonts and Numbers

Music Volume set to 60%

Symbian Belle Navibar - Bugless Update (special thanks to j0mar,Furcom,Badvlad, babu and the rest of the gang)  

New Super HD icons -includes some changes on application icons also

Changed icons on mediabar

Notification icon color set to blue (mod by devilbats17  )

No "Message:" label on composing text message (thanks to drakulaboy of DM)

Shutdown and Restart symbols still retained (thanks to fontcreator)

Added option in left selection Options key on homescreen (thanks to j0mar)

New Theme Effects (Bursting Hole by Kandongango17-match the cfw name "Blink" see for yourself )

Default fonts set back to normal size

New signal and battery icon

Hacked - Installserver mod by vova1609 (removed check for built-in apps when installing)

New notification and widgets mod by drakulaboy and edited by Me

Last Played icon on Music Player fixed (thanks to Ran for the file)

New built-in applications icon (thanks to Refsuj06)

Changed wallpaper of deafult theme (Grass picture, cool to eyesight)

Edited N8 touch sense UI

Music player mod for exit on menu

Gallery Mod - Images gallery won't search video files in "Videos" folder (make your own folder name in your MMC)

Note: You may edit the file (to include more folder names so that they will be excluded by the phone's gallery)

0x1 string - for C drive

0x2 string - for E drive

Please Note:

1. Before Flashing please delete folders Private, Data, Resource, Sys, System and any other folders from Memory Card (Clean Flashing)

2. After successful flashing, wait for seconds until all the widgets are loaded to the homescreen.

3. MediaBar would not start at first boot. You need to restart your phone once.

4. Do a hard reset after flashing if necessary or desired

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I have added a few little mods to this firmware that i use like  24h clock, picture on dialler 4 x 5 layout and a few others... This firmware is well put together and runs nicely. Great work. I have noticed the firmware that comes from symbianize forums is put together nicely and with lots of work. My first firmware i took a liking to was code:shadow and since then i try them with out worrying at all. Good firmware.

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Nice cfw. I wish you used another upload server rather than sendspace because it sucks! :) beside the vibration of lock/unlock button everything is fine for now. I added a mod for this vibration issue. If I find new dislikes, I can inform you, if you want of course. :)

obviously u should point it out so that it could be improved further :)
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- First of all, the font size is really small. - I didn't like the symbols used for "back, exit" etc. - I liked the theme ! - I didn't liked the menu screen because there are lots of folders =). - Touch sensitivity is good but the rotation sensitivity is extremely bad. - Also there is a problem with some letters for example if it the letter "ç" it seems like an arrow, not only at messaging but also internet browser. I think this is because of lack of character support. - That music stopper integration is well thought ! - There is a problem ,especially at the home screen, when I click, it thinks that I'm tapping. Therefore it doesn't progress . For example when I click profile quickly, it doesn't give a reaction. It's all that I remember for now. Thanks =)

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