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(HOW TO)Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 Released To Unlock iPhone 4, 3GS On iOS 5.


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As promised, the iPhone Dev Team today released Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 which brings iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS unlock on iOS 5. Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 doesn’t support any new baseband. Only user who rely on unlock on iOS 4.x.x can now update to iOS 5 and keep their unlock. Few steps below to get Ultrasn0w 1.2.4 working with you.

Posted Image

Supported basebands:







Now, let’s do the unlock.

Unlock iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS On iOS 5

STEP 1: You’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS which posted here.

STEP 2: Once jailbroken, head to Cydia -> Manage -> Sources.

[img width=279 height=420]http://cdn.cydiahelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_0410-466x700.png

STEP 3: Now tap on Edit -> Add then write down the following repo: http://repo666.ultrasn0w.com.

[img width=279 height=420]http://cdn.cydiahelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_0411-466x700.png

STEP 4: After adding the repo, search in Cydia for Ultrans0w and you’ll tap on it then hit install.

[img width=279 height=420]http://cdn.cydiahelp.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/IMG_0409-466x700.png

After a respring and a tethered boot, you’ll get your iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS unlocked. Let us know in case you need any help.

Notes from the iPhone Dev Team about iPhone 3GS on the iPad baseband 06.15.00:

Note: there’s a special “trick” that iPhone3GS owners with baseband 06.15 need for iOS5. During the new setup screens you see when you start iOS5 for the first time, you’ll be asked about Location Services. Be sure to select “Disable Location Services” when asked! Later on in the setup, you’ll have the chance to turn on Location Services again when asked if you want to use “Find my iPhone”. It’s fine to turn it back on at that point, if that’s your desire (or you can always go in and enable it in Settings.app).


Also, some iPhone3GS users with the 06.15 baseband may have tried to install iOS5 using a stock IPSW (even though you should never ever try to use a stock IPSW if you’re an ultrasn0w unlocker). If you did try this, your baseband is probably in an inconsistent state, and you’ll need to reflash the 06.15 baseband again (using redsn0w). Be very careful if you use redsn0w to reflash the iPad baseband — don’t interrupt the process! And please avoid using stock IPSWs in the future Unlockers should never go near stock IPSWs.

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