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  1. this tools is easier to use than another tools but all tools is easy to use if you have try it
  2. I know, but I want free space of my iPhone more than 1gb (I don't understand why I have thinking like that #LOL) I will wait siri in my ipad
  3. I know because I have iphone also I can't try use siri because my iphone 4 only 8gb, too small for using siri and my apps
  4. RdH

    Temple Run

    you must try harder, this game is very cool my longest run is 32.xxx m
  5. I want to use siri in iphone 4 but the memory only 8gb too small for my apps if I add siri
  6. maybe attempt to phishing because the dns was change and we don't know where our apple id login go I suggest to download apps for the site you trust
  7. RdH

    Temple Run

    temple run : brave is new version of temple run
  8. I think too small if use multigesture in iphone I recommend to use zephry rather than this method (no offense)
  9. I still waiting for iOs 6 but not beta version I want to use official siri in my new ipad because in iOs 6 siri will come to new ipad
  10. siri will come to new ipad in iOs 6 officially
  11. but I think this method is steal our apple id because the apple id is send to their server
  12. but I don't find, I only find how to edit widget not to update app list in widget
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