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UC Browser 8.0.4


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Updated to version 8.0.4

Each release of UC Browser always earns a lot of amazing screams.Now the 7.9 for Java/Symbian appeared in your eyes. UC keeps on concentrating itself to solve the main problems of users and improve user experience. I think that’s why UC Web already has 200 million users around the world and keep attracting new users every day.

Experience the new v7.9 by yourself..

Changelogs :

1. Taking care of your eyes - Auto notification between night mode and day mode.

UC Browser is more than a browser, sometimes she exists as a babysitter. It notices u to switch between ‘Day mode’ and’ Night mode’ intelligently according to the time.Everything UC has done is for taking care of users.

2. Browsing whenever and wherever – more powerful bookmark.

Plenty of people are anxious about the missing of their bookmark they’ve collected for a long time.Now the bookmark backup would remove all your worries. You can download it to the local place and never miss again.

3. Filling the Language gap

Users of UC Browser are still increasing and covered 145 countries, 200 million. We try our best to take care of each user with different language.

a. Language pack for Java, You can select language during installation.

b. More than English and Russian ,Arabic, farsi and Urdu are supported to apear.In the near future, more languages will be supported.

4. Smooth ur browsing experience

a. Fixed access connection timeout error : Fixed timeout problem during webpage browsing.

b. Fixed image loading failure:Fixed timeout error in loading image.

c. Optimized Cache management:Cache will be adjusted automatically. You don’t need to reset and clear Cache manually anymore.

5. Make ur eyes more colorful

    More Pic formats are supported. The new WebP image is near 40% smaller than jpeg image of similar quality....

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it's good man atleast in 3.5 g coNNECTION WITH 25 TO 300 KBPS

it's my own experience mates :)

lol...u talking abt 25 to 300 Kbps.....I am using my broadband wifi of 6-10 Mbps speed and hence I cud differentiate it more abt download speed with respect to each browser. Opera mini sucks in download speed/downloading

UC Browser is like a download manager. Its good

And I use the default Nokia Browser for browsing and downloading too..it a perfect one all in round with HTML5 support and flash

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i have i mb/s dsl connection and IDm on pc fetches download speed of almost 110-120 KBps and the same speed was being fetched by uc browser usage (downloaded 700 mb movie on it rather than having my pc on for 3 hrs) save electricity use it for downloads at same rate as pc using wifi

never checked it....

really it downloaded 700mb file???

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