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  1. not poor it's nice though has app compatibility issues
  2. Haha joking :S don't be serious Mr troll admin
  3. vds5344

    PHP FAQ's

    well great efforts but if i don't know anything about it wanna Learn from scratch?
  4. first of all excuse me for laziness with which i type on mobile name: Vishwadeep Shukla dob: 28th Dec 94 like: everything thing that occupies my mind for enough time, chemistry , to help others dislike: things which aren't in my control . The education system of India. (this almost made my mind off studies) music: well it's versatile tbh
  5. Haha n9 with more apps better camera and Haha larger screen
  6. it would be better if You try theme fx app by shizzi at the dailymobile forum.
  7. You may download all patches just Google coderus blog and yo'll find his blog where all mods are integrated
  8. Lol it's for s60v5 You got to get files from a base package and then put wherever required make effects folder in e and just copy the fxml and other files to it simple.
  9. Haha very true indeed i wish to get a Nokia n9
  10. Haha it might change Your ip You may try a proxy too nitesh?
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