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Get the lost password or unknown password of Nokia Mobile [updated 08-10-2012]


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[move]I have a Short Request To you------ Please read full post before Posting your question specially the NOTE section---- Thank you[/move]

Hi fiends------

Everyone want to recover their lost password without flashing again. If you are one of them than you are in right place. Today i am going to teach you how you can get your lost password and unknown password of your Symbian OS based smartphones.


Why we need this ?

Silly question , that is because sometime we change the security password and forgot that. And the other reason is because of CFW . Some users has problem in CFW that the security code is not as a default as 12345.

And my thinking is , format the windows and flashing the Nokia are not the solution of every problem.

is it safe ?

yup.  :P


Let's start ------------------

Here are five method using different software----

1. Using ANT suite-----(some s40 , S60v3 or some s60v5)

2. Nemsis service suite (Almost all Nokia Devices)

3. Using JAF.....

4. Using NSS Pro .....

5 . Using Die2mrw007 tool


Method First

1. Download ANT service suite from Below Attachment.

2. Run ANT service suite as a Administrator.....

3. Now click on "Main" tab and select "Normal" Mode-------

Posted Image

4. Go to "Service" Tab and click on Get button under user code section

[img width=458 height=420] 2.jpg

You will get the code as a screen shot

and you done- :yahoo:


Second Method

1. Download Nemsis service suite from here

2. Run Nemsis service suite.

Posted Image

3. click on magnifying glass icon in right upper side...

[img width=770 height=394] nss1rc2.jpg

4. Click on phone Info Tab.

Posted Image

5. Now attach your phone via usb. when you connect your usb suddenly click scan button else it'll not work .

Posted Image

6. Click on phone IMEI in scan result............... 7. Click on permanent Memory in below tab.

[img width=770 height=394] nss_nemesis_4-Copy.jpg

8. Click on Read.

[img width=770 height=417] Capture.jpg

9.After done you will see the path of the file name which has all key as .pm file.... in C:\Program Files\NSS\Backup\pm

10. Open that file as Notepad.

11. now find the [308] , in [308] find the 5th ..... and you will find your password as 31323334350000000000 remove all 10 zeros and alternate 3 your password will look like this 12345.

[img width=511 height=420] ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >

Posted Image



Method Three

1. Download JAF from here

2.Open Pkey emulater and select go.. (On vista windows 7 and windows 8 , run as XP compability mode)

[img width=320 height=420] Capture-1.jpg

3.  Now a error will come "Box driver is not installed" just click ok and click on BB5 Tab.

Posted Image

[img width=448 height=420] Capture2.jpg

4. Tick Normal Mode , and User code edit .

[img width=447 height=420] Capture3.jpg

5. now select "codes unlock" and click service....

[img width=451 height=420] Capture5.jpg

6. a box will appear just click on read .....

[img width=444 height=420] Capture6.jpg

7. you will get your password.

[img width=602 height=420] Capture7.jpg

Enjoy...  :-bd


Method Four

1. You have to download NSS Pro from here

2. Run NSS Pro as a Admin.

[img width=637 height=420] Capture-2.jpg

3. Click on detect.

[img width=641 height=420] Capture1-1.jpg

4. Click on Read Info.

[img width=635 height=420] Capture2-1.jpg

5.  Click on User Code.

[img width=634 height=420] Capture3-1.jpg

And you done your Code will be appeared here

if not than

6.click permanent memory tab then select all expend and all checked

[img width=661 height=420] Capture4.jpg

7. Then Click read..... it will save your .PM file

8. open that PM file with note pad than search for[308] in [308] go to 5 section you will find you password as 31323334350000000000 remove all 10 zeros and alternate 3 your password will look like this 12345.

[img width=511 height=420] ' alt='' class='ipsImage' >

Posted Image

Thank you.


Fifth Method

[glow=red,2,300]Click Here[/glow]



This is a very OLD trick. Maybe it will work or not. on latest Firmware .............

in every method you have to connect you phone in Nokia suite mode or ovi suite mode or PC suite.......... And prevent the phone to lock .......

It will work on all S40 expect S40v6 or later may be work Because i didn't tested yet.... and not sure about belle..........   >:)


[move]Thank you for reading My post if there are any error and mistakes in my post then please tell me by PM.

                                                                                                                                                If These method work for you than Please post here after this

                                                                                              Thank you[/move]

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should we switch on the phone or switch it off

with phone locked and switched on  condition

i tried method 1 and got this  :( :(

Init usb communication...
Error! TimeOut for connection...
Error! Check connection, driver, e.t.c.
Error! TimeOut for connection...
Error! Check connection, driver, e.t.c.

in switch on mode......

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i tried i switch on mode only and it was locked

usb it not recognized and got message as shown above

check this i already mentioned in Post

"1. Using ANT suite-----(some s40 , S60v3 or some s60v5)"

check your device is listed in ant.ini if not then try nemsis if you able to connect your phone in nemsis then it will work for 100%

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