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  1. hi guys and moderator of this cfw..u just rocks bro ur cfw is awosome i have used other cfw those full of bugs after flashing wit linspirat and rockstar cfw in few dayz my phone slowing down.even hanged,some times restart its self...then i flashed with ur cfw its work fab no bugs,no restart problem its really fab bro...thanks for the cfw ^'>
  2. Solved bro...i just want to remove my status bar...But the no status bar patch is not working in linspirat cfw(as its not work in cfws)...now i just flashed with Rockstar belle so no need for patch in it. Thanku
  3. @mohit got it bro ...thanks fr ur help +1 one more problem bro no status bar patch not working in my nokia 5233 running on linsPirat help me bro
  4. @mohit plz give me the latest naviform to download ofw
  5. Device: Nokia 5233 CFW: Blaze Ultimate Apps: Opera mini UC BROWSER MemCheck KillMe Autoinstaller No games
  6. Sorry i am asking so many questions I flashed my phone with blaze ultimate and now Again i want to flash my phone with other cfw,,... how can i do it....Do i have to first flash wit ofw and thn flash wit the cfw....?? Or any other steps plz help
  7. \m/ hai bro navratn123 i flashed with blaze ultimate..thanks for ur help
  8. plz help me guys
  9. Can i use the core file of blaze ultimate with LinsPirats rofs and uda for flashing....
  10. yaaa bro i checkd dos all but wont get whch file to download....bit canfused bro plz jst a link,,,,,
  11. bro plz provide me the exact link...? Tonight m gonna flash ma phone
  12. bro navratn thanks fr ur rply but wil you plz provide me the exact Core ,(.c00 or .c0r) Rofs2 (.rofs2.v20 or rofs2.vxx where xx is numeric value) and UDA (uda.fxpx) files for my phone plz bro nt gettng exact files plz provide me the link..,THANKU ^'> And plz tel me whch cfw is latest or updated
  13. hi i want to flash my nokia 5233 RM-625, WIT skyfire can any1n plz tel me exact steps to do dis...like whch file to download and how to use with download link,...Thanku
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