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UCSafeBox V2.0.0.3 [Translated ENG by time2shine]


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UC Safe is a new product from UC Mobiles Ltd. which offers you to take complete backup of your phone and to restore it to same of another phone. If you formatting your phone frequently or you want to take backup of your phone to your new phone, UC Safe will do this job for you.

You've now no need to worried about your important contacts in case of phone theft, all you can restore from UC Safe. UC Safe offer you to take and save backups on memory card, to another phone via Bluetooth or online space by UC. UC Safe supports backup / restore of phone contacts, text messages, call history, calendar, system browser, bookmarks.

Features :

~ Fast and secure backup of personal data to support phone contacts, text messages, call history, calendar, UC browser and browser bookmarks, system backup/recovery, a key to complete, quick and easy.

~ Mobile software can backup, restore, upgrade, backup phone list of installed software, restore from the network to download and install.You can check for installed software updates and upgrades.

~ The selection of recommended software - selection of the most popular free download free software used to download and install all recommended software through security checks,ease of use.

~ A variety of backup storage.You Can keep backup of your SMS, Contacts, Bookmarks, Call Records.

~ You can keep backup on memory card.

~ You can keep Backup on another phone via Bluetooth.

~ You Can keep Backup on UC Network Disk (UC Safe).

Change Log:-

(1) increase in ten kinds of color filters;

(2) increase the automatic optimization / rotation / cropping and other image editing functions;

(3) new images to select the local interface; 4 compatibility fix known vulnerabilities;

(5) Fixed first run after installation, delete the backup server when the problem of data; (6) Repair ANNA SMS scheduling problem.

~ A key to enhance mobile security and performance optimization;

~ Encrypted private directory tostore your personal privacydocuments;

~ by UC browser to view WAP pages to manage your backup contacts, text messages and phone records;

~ Shows networking and mobile phone battery to keep cell phone situation.






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