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  1. Since my last post has been messed up, I will post the newer content here. Post 1: Abstract
  2. And Anime...... [ More images will arrive soon... ]
  3. Some More.. MINIMALS These are more general and Minimal type so, might not suit everyone's taste..
  4. Here's Some of my favourites : Will post some more gradually..
  5. Where Did my Images go......ooooooooooooo! ?
  6. Hey Bro, Really liked your wallpaper +1 , can you share that? And I like this ds clock skin mate +1 , can you share that file?... will appreciate it...
  7. Hey Guys, back again... My X6 is running SFR and from past few months, it's been acting all wierd, Touch stops responding at random times, then... I need to make a call and suddenly the phone acts like its not connected to the network (while its there ) and says 'Emergency Calls Only', And The person I'm talking to can't hear me speaking even when I keep the phone sticking to my mouth and while shouting out loud.. ! ] All this happens way too often.. Is there a workaround these problems, or flashing is my last option?... Haven't flashed it since SFR was released, and the phone is 2011 Version.
  8. so your's belonged to the 80's before you got your s3?...huh?... XD c'mon dude... garibo par daya karo! lol...
  9. Nevertheless, Thanks Guys, After collaborating various other advices I bought ABC for Chemistry, it's awesome. Pradeep for Physics (Why So much Pink??) and RD maths as usual...
  10. I am already preparing for IIT so i have quality books in including HCV, RC Mukherjee, SL Loneys , Solomon's etc....... Although now I am in 12th and hoping to get the very maximum as possible.... Should I still refer to some specific books for solely CBSE Board Exams?.... Browsed some sites including YA!... I narrowed it down to Maths : RD Sharma. Chemistry: Modern's ABC. Physics still confused between ABC / Pradeep / Dinesh / SL Arora..... etc..! Which book in your opinion should I go for in Physics....and If you feel I should make changes and get me some other books please feel free to suggest.
  11. Yeah same... It's a great phone big no-no unless you own an S3/N2 or some other company's latest flagship... many of the features are already available on the Play Store, except the infrared ones.... \m/ BTW you created an account just for the sake of asking this single question. I bet you have created multiple accounts on all the forums.....
  12. Hi mate....The link's dead... Can you provide an alternative?
  13. Haha...Yeah... He somehow got the Tegra 3 chip when I asked him to fetch it, .. however as soon as I told him my motive.. He got all angry and said it's just messing up the phone... But I'll definitely try something when I replace this... It's sorta disintegrating now... lol... The Power/Shutdown Button's Gone The Lower decorative platic stick like bar on X6.. That's Gone.... It looks even more like a primitive device now...
  14. No i dea mate.... However... What about the Tizen?... I had heard it's 'pre-final' version was to be given to Bada users and developers...as it is largely Bada based... in feb final week..?
  15. Okay!...I have the blue one...one of the Most classy and elegant theme style i've ever been fond of... Thanx!
  16. wow!... thanks mate! gonna post some new ones soon!
  17. Woah!...Holy Hell...! This post is so old! didn't even notice.... why are we arguing about this when even the Poster is non-interested..>! How did I even end up at this!???
  18. Sure!... But... I don't think he was comparing 2000$ ultrabook to an 800 $ tablet... Or are you?.... dibyendu?
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