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Viber - Free calls, Free text messages, Photo and Location sharing.


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Viber for Nokia offers free instant messaging between you and your Viber friends.

Viber integrates seamlessly with your phone and identifies your contacts who already have Viber, so you can start communicating right away. With Viber there is no importing contacts, searching for usernames and sending out invitations. Just select a contact and connect freely!

Free text and photo messages with location-sharing.

No registration, passwords or invitations required.

Group messaging with up to 15 friends.

* Messages may use your data plan

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Get it from Nokia Store

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Nice share buddy.. :)


nice share bro.. +1 :)

Thanks guys! :)

hmmm didnt knew it's avail for s60v5

+1 :D

I too didn't know it. I was going through Social Apps in Store and found this. Again found in DM Apps section. :D

:( i installed in n97 but why contacts does not appear  :-/ :-/ and there is not any call option... looks like its useless.. whats app is far better than viber..

I got this message from DM of Viber Help Desk for this problem:

When this happens, generally you don't need to uninstall and reinstall. This usually happens due to unstable internet connections. Just close Viber completely and then reopen it at a later time. It will eventually sync. Viber does not distinguish between phone models. Viber works Viber to Viber, regardless of device type.

You have a few options:

  Make sure you are using the latest version of Viber.

  Make sure that you are looking at the Viber contact list, not your device's contact list.

  In order for your contacts to see you as a Viber user and be able to call you through Viber, your phone number, which is saved on their address book, must be the exact same number that you used to register to Viber and vice- versa.

  Once you installed Viber, if you do not see someone in your contact list whom you know to have Viber, it might be that the list is not updated (this may be due to an unstable connection during setup, or just a slight delay). To update your contact list, re-sync it by re-initiating Viber or by manually updating your contacts list.

You don't need to uninstall and reinstall Viber. Shut Viber down (so that it no longer runs in the background) or turn the phone off, and then re-open it.

If this does not work, try the following steps:

1. Send the user an invite and if the number is a registered Viber user, it will automatically update the Viber contact list.

2. Confirm that you have an active internet connection.

3. Delete the contact with the missing Viber badge from your contact list. Add it again and make sure to include the country code.

The phone number format should include the plus sign, country code, cell code and phone number. The standard format is: +(country code)-(cell code)-(phone number)

For example: +1555551235555

If the prefix has a "0", you will not need to insert it. For example, if the number is +1-55-055-123-5555 you will only need to insert +155551235555

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