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Understand Theme Effects Better (Make your own effects)


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The Complete Guide To Understand, How Theme Effects Work On Your Phone,Hope It'll Help You

** I think some of this information will help people to create their own or mix theme effects.....

>> ActiveIdleViewSwitch and ActiveIdleViewSwitchRight: Change the home screen when moving

>> ActiveIdleViewSwitch_default

>> ActiveIdleViewSwitchRight_default

>> ActiveIdleViewSwitchShowHide_default

>> IdleBackground_default - things like the rules do butterflies fly out and fly below the widgets hs

>> IdleItem_default - things like the rules do butterflies fly out and fly above the widgets hs

>> CallSwipeAnswer - sound effects when you pull the answer when a call comes

>> TouchDialerOpen_default - open the dial

>> TouchDialerClose_default - close the press

>> AppStart_default - Open outside the home screen (the widgets)

>> AppStartRect_default-Open from the menu

>> AppStartSwitch_default - Open the application from Task Manager (Task Manager)

>> AppStartSwitchRect_default - Switch between open applications menu

>> AppExit_default - Exit application

>> AppActivate_default - effects when press menu

>> AppShellFolderOpen_default - Open the folder in the menu

>> AppShellFolderClose_default - Close / exit in the menu folder

>> AppShellExit_default - Exit menu

>> ChangeView - Effects when the menu changes from grid to list and vice versa

>> GridAppShellBackground_default - Privacy things flying in the menu

>> GridAppShellItem_default - Privacy things in the region selected (select box) in the grid menu

>> ListAppShellBackground_default - gallary effects, music / video, tv apps ..

>> ListAppShellItem_default - gallary effects, music / video, tv apps ..

>> ListCommonBackground_default - those provisions appear in the selected region (selection box) in

contacts, task Swapper

>> ListCommonItem_default - effects for the selection box

>> OptionsmenuBackground_default - those provisions appear in the selected areas in popups when you press Option

>> OptionsmenuItem_default - those provisions appear in the selected areas in popups when you press


>> When you open the camera rotation effect: LayoutSwitch_camera

>> LayoutSwitchStart_camera

>> LayoutSwitch_camera

>> LayoutSwitchExit_camera

>> Effect when rotating the screen: LayoutSwitch_default

>> LayoutSwitchStart_default

>> Sensor Rotation Effects From Portrait to landshape menu --- LayoutSwitch_default

>> LayoutSwitchExit_default

>> CompTaskSwapper_default - Task manager effect when moving

>> Effects popup when new messages, error messages, information










>> The effects of the menu option:



Themeloader - apply effect as a theme

>> Effect when switching between images in the viewer:

Previous Image

Next Image

>> Screen saver_default - This screen saver mode

>> This is for a small bar on the outside hs



>> CompMediaBar_default - 5800 media bar

>> Image files in.Png,File format shows effects/reactions  as images.You can search for it in the text file while editing.For example loader.png used in  AppStart_default.kml  to see the red busy indicator on the top.

>> ListAppShellBackground_default

>> ListAppShellItem_default

>> ListCommonBackground_default

>> ListCommonItem_default

** All Files STARTING FROM "LIST..xx...."  Create a good effect in List items of your Phone menu But gives you a bug while assessing to Pupup Menu Like Blinking & Lagging.So Plz remove these .kml files starting from List to get a BUG FREE PHONE.(Applicable Only for C6-00 Based Firms).

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