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How to Root Motorola Atrix-2 Smartphone

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Hey guys i bought a Motorola Atrix 2 one month back..thought about sharing some info here about the phone,modding,ROM etc etc;-)..

The things that i am going to share below have been acquired from the great modders and devs at xda developers..salute to the masters \m/

Those who are new to Android need to know some basics before doing anything silly :P..so here goes



After you have read the above post i assume you have a got a basic idea of things :)..so time to get specific :D

Rooting the Atrix 2

Credits to p3droid and JRW 28 for the tutorial:)

>a single click method is available for GB 2.3.6

>make sure you have the proper drivers installed

>download the attached file

>unzip it

>in the folder you will see a file named "click to root.bat"

>go to settings>applications>development and enable "USB Debugging"

>also in Applications enable "Unknown Sources"

>now connect the phone to PC in "Charge Only" mode

>now double click "click to root.bat" and just sit back and relax ;-)

>your phone will reboot a couple of times..its normal..dont freak out :P

>when done the app will show a success message and you can press any key to exit

Congratulations..you have rooted your Atrix 2 :D

>You will get an app called "superuser" in your phone if rooting is successful

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Thanks guys:)..but i planned to post everything related to atrix 2 in one thread..so now should i create a new thread for flashing custom rom tutorial??

guess creating different topics for different tutorials will be good and after all we can provide links to related tutorials in each thread.

Like in rooting tutorial, at the end we can specify the link of flashing custom ROM tutorial....so that after rooting their phone, they can move to flashing process.

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