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Effects for S^3 BELLE! + How To make own effects


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Now we can modify and make new theme effects

Working on BELLE FW

Now you can easily add new effect by connecting phone to usb and copy new effects directly to phone.


1. Activate open4all and c2z4bin (Autostart with domainsrv) on rompatcher

2. Download Theme Effects Base Package.sis and install

3. Copy Effect files (.fxml) to E:/effects

4. Enjoy theme effects.

To activate new effects:

  - go to Themes > options > themeeffects, set them to off and activate again afterwards.

  - Or just reboot phone!

Effects pack by andrenlsbr:



go to effects folder and choose effect you want to mod.

lets say warningnote_appear.fxml

-open with your favourite editor like notepad++

-the file contains several parameters (effects) which are handled at the same time:

<param name="scale_y" type="anim">
			<keyframe at="0.0">0.5</keyframe>
			<keyframe at="1.0">1.0</keyframe>
the image is scaled in y direction in 0.25sec from 0.5 to 1.

0.5 means the image is squeezed to half of its hight (50%) at beginning of effect and has full hight (100%) at the end.

You can also add more keyframes <keyframe at="0.5">0.8</keyframe> to make effect more smooth

<param name="scale_origin_y" ref="visual.width">0.5</param>
this defines the startpoint of the effect (here in middle of screen = 50%)

<param name="opacity" type="anim">
			<keyframe at="0.0">0.0</keyframe>
			<keyframe at="1.0">1.0</keyframe>
here you add an opacity effect.

At beginning (keyframe at="0.0") opacity is = 0 (zero).

At the end of effect (<keyframe at="1.0") opacity is = 1 (full).

You can add as many parameters as you like

<param name="opacity" type="anim">

There are also filters you can add. They use a .mbm (image)

which gets blended over screen.

<filter name="Masked" type="masked">
		<param name="time" type="anim">
		<keyframe at="0.0">1.0</keyframe>
		<keyframe at="1.0">0.0</keyframe>
the smoothfade.mbm from effects folder is blended over screen in 0.3 sec.

At beginning (keyframe at="0.0") the smoothfade.mbm is fully visible (1.0)

At end (keyframe at="1.0") the smoothfade.mbm is not visible (0.0)


Just open some effects and have a look at them. You will easily undestand how it works.

Have fun and make own effects!

If you want original effects back:

-install original effects from attachments


-disable c2z4bin


-delete aknskinsrv.dll from C:/Sys/bin









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