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Good at Writing? We Need you!


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Hello Guys!

From The past few days, The frequency at which blog articles are posted is Decreasing. There are pretty less posts in our Blog. We need to increase the number of Genuine (Non-Copy Pasted) posts in the blog.

For that, We are in need of Blog Article Writers for our GizmoLord Blog.

For that we have  following criteria:

  1. No Copy Pasting: Copy Pasting leads to Decreased Google PageRank which is totally non-acceptable. You can take subject from other Blogs/Sites but

      the content should be unique. [PM me or Die2mrw007 if you think that this is a bit hard. We will tell you some tricks :D ]

  2. Regular Posting: You need to be regular in posting the articles. 1 Article / 2 days is fine to start off with.

  3. New and Exclusive Content: The content you post should be as new as possible. Don't Post Old content. 

The Categories Required in blog Posts:

  1. New: As you can guess, This  includes News from all over the technology world.

  2. Applications/Games: This includes the newly released and/or updated apps. Posts about updated Popular apps also come under this.

  3. Tips/Tricks/Tutorials: This includes all sorts of how-to's and tutorials. Windows/Mac/Linux Tricks also come in this category.

  4. Reviews: Have a nice gadget? Bought a newly released or popular gadget? Post a review about it.

Also active and dedicated Blog Writers may get Surprise Gifts  :grin: So Start writing!

The Surprises Include A Special Badge and Title in the Forum. Also, Special Products will be given to blog writers for the appreciation of their hard work. The Good writers will be eligible for a additional chances of winning the Forum Contests conducted on GizmoLord Forum.

Those who wish to Contribute Post your application in this thread. You'll be contacted by PM soon.



On the behalf of GizmoLord Staff.

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sorry for the noob question - but can any member submit posts for blog or only selected blog writers ? - if so how ?

As I have said in the thread, Post an application here. You'll be contacted by PM. Write a Few Articles in the Blog Posts Section in the Forum. If We find them good, We'll give you the privileges to write directly into the Blog :)
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