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DayHand Input by Mr. Milk(Iphone n opera mini keyboard)+Win 7 Keyboard(Update)


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final DayHand Input (6.2.0017) + Chinesse + my skins (v4) + localized keyboards, packed and pre-configured in 2 versions (17caps and 19caps). So, you don't need anything else. NEW! Revamped interface.



r4 Nov 06, 2009

- Removed unneeded international keyboards

- Added hide option and keyboard selector

- Applied layout consistency for Back, Sym, Num and Hide keys

- Changed symbols table to have more international chars

- Spanish: added "¿" and "¡" to qwerty

r3 Nov 02, 2009

- Fixed problem with international chars not appearing on Chinese firmware

- Added 19caps version

- New localized keyboards: International, Spanish by Genio_Mex, Finnish by zeniitti, PT by eltonada

- New Spanish Dictionary by Genio_Mex, Portuguese Dictionary by Mr. Milk

r2 Oct 30, 2009

- Included Chinesse Pack to fix the problem of "no keyboard showing up"

r1 Oct 29, 2009

- Initial Release

Posted Image



A Chinese application developed to replace the original touch keyboard with one that supported Chinese characters.



While it was developed to cover Chinese language, it also SUPPORTS English and is fully customizable. So, we have changed it all to get rid of the Chinese characters and turned it into a full English/International keyboard.



This keyboard is far superior to Nokia/Samsung ones. A single key can have up to 5 characters (you get extra chars by tapping and dragging). It has copy, cut, paste, home, end, symbols table, T9 dictionary in qwerty mode, enables type-ahead in qwerty, international chars keyboard (customized), lets you type faster and, as I said, is fully customizable, letting the community create more and more layouts (like iPhone and Opera ones). For each mode (landscape and portrait) there are 7 different keyboards (selectable from a button): english qwerty, international qwerty, abc keypad, numeric mode, edit mode, symbols table, dictionary selection.



If your phone is hacked you should install the 19caps (19r3) version. If not, you can then sign and install the 17caps (17r3). The 17caps version has the same functionalities but due to permission restrictions the keyboard won't be used in some applications (known at the moment, Omnia's RoadSync+Pre-installed Office, Nokia Music Player).

In both packages you'll find English, International English, Finnish, Spanish and Portuguese languages to choose upon install. The only difference among them is that the regular qwerty keyboard have direct access to accented letters for those langs. But even the English keyboard has an special international keyboard with all accents. If you're not sure which one to install, take a look at these:



If you have it already installed, you have to disable it on settings otherwise you might get a "can't delete file" error. Download the zip file (link below), unzip it and install it as usual.

If you want to save some internal memory space you can now also select only the desired layouts on the installer. The "Chinese Pack" is meant for phones not originally supporting double byte characters. Leave it CHECKED and if you get an error, try to install again unchecking it.





[img width=236 height=420]http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/3935/installshots1.png

After installing, make sure you REBOOT your phone. No need to setup, after reboot the keyboard will be active. You can test it by writing a new sms.



[img width=248 height=420]http://img249.imageshack.us/img249/8759/installshots2.png

The installation process makes the Opera Mini (Portrait) and Opera Huge (Landscape) the default layouts. If you want to try the iPhone or the original one do this:



Google for more info about DayHand Input. There are hundreds of posts out there with everything you need to know.



You can easily disable it on the settings or completely uninstall it. To uninstall it, first you need to disable it.

To disable it, go the settings and on the first option of the first screen, tap and select "AknFEP".



A big round of applause (and reps) to ipitbull, caominh171, fenomeno83, genio_mex and all others who made all this possible.



This is the result of a personal effort to bring something good and free for the community. I'm not the application developer and have no way to change its core functionalities. Please, if you don't like it, think I'm a ***** or are disappointed in any way, just remember that I'm a guy just like you. Don't hate me (or hate "us" lol).

Mr. Milk




[Question: is that possible to use the new opera skin, but i dont want the International Symbol, but Chinese Pinyin still like default?]

No. If you want Chinese use the original application, downloadable from dayhand.com. There is also enough information here on how to "customize" it for your needs.

[Question: ...would have been better if it was multi-tap based and not the tap-and-drag (left & right), but that's just me...]

That's against the whole application concept. I don't think dayhand.com will ever do it.

[Question: Will it work on the N97]

Yes and no. It will work but the hardware keyboard will malfunction. I have tried my best to make it work but unfortunately it was all no-go. Official word from dayhand.com guys is: on N97 dayhand input s60v5 will work only as touch, s60v3 will work only through the hardware keyboard (which makes sense only if you want to write Chinese). So, no N97 compatibility so far.

[Question: wow !!! Is it better than WFVirtualKeyBoard ? interesting++++]

It doesn't replace VirtualKeyboard. It only replaces the original phone keyboard. So, you have no way to activate it for use with Skyfire, for example.

[Question: do you think that it will become, once installed, the default keyboard, or it has to be open each time ?]

It becomes the default keyboard.

[Question: is it in english language or chinese?]

I have done an effort to internationalize the keyboards so there is no Chinese chars anymore. The menu and settings are in Chinese though. There is no way to translate them without the source code. In any case, you will need the menu just to choose your desired layout and activate/deactive the keyboard, a pretty straight forward process.

[Question: Wonderfull work! Is it possible to include a german dictionary?]

There is tool for converting a text file to a DayHand dictionary. It is available on dayhand.com and other places. Google for it. I have also included in my pack a new English dictionary with 30,000 words and expressions.

[Question: how do u set it 2 display eng qwerty as default?:confused2:]

[Question: btw does the keyboard always start in the international characters for everyone? when i want to type, the keyboard always displays the Int characters, it's a bit annoying]

This a Chinese application and it supposes you always want to start with the Chinese keyboard. In my layouts, I have replaced the Chinese with an international keyboard, that will then be the default. Before someone asks, there was no way to replace the Chinese with English (to make it the default) because of T9 dictionary, shift and other Chinese specific functionalities.

[Question: Great work! Would it be possiblt to make a german QWERTZ version? Would be great!]

[Question: Does it support Greek character keyboard???]

[Question: Any change to have this converted to scandinavian layout? You know, for example a with dots as ä and o with dots as ö?]

Yes, it is possible. For a German keyboard, for example, you need to open the .ini file (en26.ini and en26s.ini), swap Y with Z, open en26.png and en26s.png and do the same. So, the png is the image you'll see, the .ini will have the character plus the position and size of the button. If you want a different version, roughly edit en26.png and send it to me so that I can know what you want and do it for the next version.

[Question: just a thing, how to make it autoCAP the letter after a fullstop or exclamation mark or question mark?]

This is a functionality not present on the Chinese software. There is nothing we can do about it.

[Question: is it possible to add a button, which can switchoff qwerty only in landscapemode, so that the inbuild qwerty can be used in landscape?]

I have found no way to selectively disabled/enable landscape or portrait mode. It looks like either you have them both or none activated.


The bug is : it miss CAPSLOCK mode in ABC mode. (opera huge keyboard). when pressing capslock, the alphabet image is still in small alphabet mode, although the function of capslock is OK.]

This is not "fixable" and it relates to the DayHand Input software itself. While we have a en26.ini and en26s.ini for lower and upper case, the same does not exist for en10.ini or py10.ini. You will also notice the ABC mode have the shift key that lights up while qwerty doesn't. So, I did the best I could to adapt the software for our needs. Anyway, that doesn't affect its functionality.

[Question: i used the Opera theme, it seems a less sensitive compared to Iphone theme.. tap 2 or 3 times on a letter to display it... is it any thing(size of the char) need to be set on the INI files...]

I have "fixed" that in the latest release (r2). Now it is way more sensitive..

Update(11-9-2011), Windows 7 Keyboard added




Place the files here (Portrait):

Hacked phones: C:\Data\dayhandinput\TouchSkin\

Unhacked phones: C:\dayhandinput\TouchSkin\

Place the files here (Landscape):

Hacked phones: C:\Data\dayhandinput\TouchSkinW\

Unhacked phones: C:\dayhandinput\TouchSkinW\

[img width=298 height=420] en26.png

[img width=610 height=420] en261.png

[img width=298 height=420] en262.png

[img width=610 height=420] en263.png

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DayHand Input s60v5 modded keyboard

Posted Image

Posted Image

Top Row

Number of Keys -


Center - The character you want after you tap on it

Right - The character you want after swiping right

Left - The character you want after swiping left

Down - The character you want after swiping down

Up - The character you want after swiping up

....and so on for all rows and keys.


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Guest prayaas1998

It would be awesome if it got ported to the phone. It has option for smileys too, so it fulfills all needs. The &123 will let us go to numbers and symbols, keyboard icon will let us choose different keyboards. For the tick button, we can replace the Ctrl key with it (Ctrl has no role in a phone) Offtopic comment: We can 'touch' using a mouse by using Windows Simulator which is a part of the Dev. Tools with the x64 version.

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  • 1 month later...

Currently using wp7 black keyboards...

& it's the best + convinient so far...:)

recommended keyboard..

another +1 for u...

I'm having problems installing the new keyboard. I want the W7 square black keys. Where and how do I paste them to C: drive (phone is hacked).

I keep getting 'Message Editor: Feature not supported' error trying to use them.


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I'm having problems installing the new keyboard. I want the W7 square black keys. Where and how do I paste them to C: drive (phone is hacked).

I keep getting 'Message Editor: Feature not supported' error trying to use them.


Put it here mate..

Portrait Files:


Landscape Files:


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