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Nokia 5230 - RM-588 - Port N97 Mini by DominiK & Boniek1993

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4Fun Team:

- DominiK

- Devilyazdan

- kitbor

- boniek1993

Special Thanks:

- Dev_rm - Helping me with bugs

- Amarjit- Clearing this topic from spam :)

- F3AR - For Mega Wallpaper Pack!

- babu.rajiv2007 - For sharing mods for OFW :)

- binh24 - For porting N97 for 5230 & 5233 :)

G9VrS.jpg [img width=236 height=420] UiLhp.jpg

[img width=236 height=420]

Posted Image [img width=236 height=420] iJnIA.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] TGlm5.jpg [img width=236 height=420] iOZJS.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] vzAZV.jpg [img width=236 height=420] fEguN.jpg


- Kinetic scrolling Amended learned from N8

- Increased processor speed

- The player searches the E :/ music

- Other fashion to accelerate

- New theme effects

- Tap2Unlock by DjRaz

- Changed font on the Bauhaus

- One of the default theme id to Dark Steel giulio7g (Mod by Crisboon)

- Icons Pierd Pro

- Memory card icon

- Quick autorotation

- Changed the antenna and battery icons

- Polish & English languages

- Nokia Maps

- Fully hacked (swpolicy.ini also changed)

- On the start screen rotation

- Notifications

- Number of sms set by default to 500

- Function button to restart the switch

- On the menu after connecting accessories

- At the start, so 60-65 mb

- The menu 5x4

- Removed unnecessary applications

- Added RomPatcher GB of patches Open4All, Instalserver Rp +, Bass

- Added Memcheck, lock, BTswitch, Accel switch

- Edited Starters - There is a faster, more RAM at startup.

- Added Polish language in the dictionary!

Enjoy ;)





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