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SymDVR v1.13 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed {Video recorder for Symbian phones}


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SymDVR v1.13 S60v5 SymbianOS9.4 Signed

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Main features:

? Supports continuous video recording

? Delete old records automatically

? Supports zoom in/out during recording

? Can record video in background

? Can record HD video

? Has Favourites functionality

You can choose or adjust following options:

? Camera (main or secondary)

? Video resolution

? Frame rate

? Audio codec

? Audio and video bitrate

? Size of one video file

? Storage limit

? Disk drive

? Startup mode

? Sound recording on\off

Known bugs:

? Inner video player shows black screen during playing video (Symbian 9.4+ only)

Next steps of development:

? Bug fixing

? Show GPS data on the screen and put it to text file

? Store tracks in .mps or .gpx formats

What's New:

? Fixed found bugs:

? Was no sound on startup in background mode for 9.4+

? Broken startup in background mode for 9.1-9.3

? Subtitles were not displayed correctly in most of video players (in N8 player as well)

? Low framerate of viewfinder's picture while recording

? Short broken clips (created during incoming calls) were not deleted in all cases

? Clips in SymDVR and SymDVR-Favourites sometimes had "hidden" attribute


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