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Nokia Drop Updated To v1.4.12101 [12-03-2012]


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Nokia Drop is a simple and easy way to push content and notifications to your device from public websites*. Nokia Drop uses Push Notifications, so no cable or Bluetooth connection is needed.  With Nokia Drop you can:


Change your phone’s wallpaper*

Send image to your phone*

Send public URL to your phone browser* (ie. Nokia Browser or Opera Mobile)

Send map view  from maps.nokia.com to Maps mobile client

Send feeds to Nokia Reader or to native browser web feed*

Install apps, wallpapers, themes, ringtones from Ovi Store without SMS**

New: Belle client; more automatic, no history list, integration to status panel, first-time-use help flow, Store&Forward, automatic update

New: Anna +S1: silent installation, first-time-use help flow, store&forward, automatic update

Update 12.03.2012: New update available (version 1.4.12101): Connectivity improvements and fixies. Also this update was sent to BetaLabs user via automatic update. Update should be available in status panel in Belle and in recent download list in Anna and Symbian 1 devices.

Download From Beta Labs

OR Attached Below

Get this Latest Notifications For This(Credits To Tristar)




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while instaling it shows varifiying component and after varifiying it shows installation failed.i am using qt based cfw on my 5235

that's because it requires another qt plugin which isnt present in the common qt installer, that plugin is called Notification API which can be found here Ovi Notification Support package S^1 v1.2.11130 Latest !!
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