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[Solved]how to delete old themes on rofs2.....


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i want to delete old theme ...please help me... :(

go to Rofs2/private/10207114/import

then execpt  101f84b9 folder

delete  the themes u dont like

and to check the theme name use sis contents

open sis contents then-

click file>new package>s60 theme package

then browse to your series60.skn ,.mbm,.mif

mbm & mif will be in Resource/skins

skn will be in  private/10207114/import

after that u can get to know that theme name as it is shown in sis contents

then delete the folder & also same folder from resource/skins

and u cannot delete default theme ,to check the default theme just Go To:


0x14 string "this will be uid for eg-20022F28 " 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

so it will be like this

0x14 string "20022F28" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

:)    lol...

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