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Get Windows 8 Like Aero Color Rotation In Windows 7 With AeroRainbow


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Get Windows 8 Like Aero Color Rotation In Windows 7 With AeroRainbow

One of the many anticipated features of  Windows 8 is the ability to dynamically change Aero Glass color according to the color scheme of the current wallpaper. We last reviewed a third party application called Aura which brings this functionality to Windows 7. Aura was later updated with an additional feature i.e. to change Windows Aero Glass color according to currently opened Internet Explorer 9 tab. AeroRainbow is another 3rd party application which can automatically change the Aero color shade according to current wallpaper, active window, or by predefined shades.

AeroRainbow displays three options on the desktop (in the form of shortcuts) to access configurations, launch and close AeroRainbow. To begin, bring up Settings window from system tray menu to configure the color sources. In Settings window, you can rotate Aero Glass colors in random order with defined switching speed. The second option allows changing the Aero colors according to the wallpaper, whereas, the last two options lets you change Windows 7 Aero glass color according to current window on screen and add custom color list as source for changing Aero colors.

Posted Image

In following screenshot, you can see Windows 7 Aero glass color is synced with wallpapers color scheme

Posted Image

Similarly, when you select the current window to be the color source, it detects the most prominent color from the window and change the Windows 7 Aero glass color accordingly.

Posted Image


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