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C6/N97 Core's


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Hi guys,

As the sharing functionality on filesonic are now disabled, so i decided to share all the c6/n97 core files with working links :):)

Links Updated.

Credits: Team Phoenix (Especially Pavan)

5800 :


v60.0.003 : Click Here (Use this Core if the rofs2 size is 114 Mb)

v60.0.003 : Click Here (Use this Core if the rofs2 size is 113Mb)

v52.0.101 : Click Here

v52.0.007 : Click Here

5230/5235/5238 :


v51.6.002 : Click Here

v51.0.002 : Click Here

v50.0.001 : Click Here

v50.6.002 : Click Here


v51.2.002 : Click Here

v50.8.001 : Click Here

v50.2.001 : Click Here


v40.8.003 : Click Here


v50.8.001 : Click Here

v50.4.001 : Click Here

5228/5232/5233 :


v51.1.002 : Click Here

v50.1.001 : Click Here

v50.9.001 : Click Here

X6 :


v40 : Click Here

v32 : Click Here


v40 : Click Here

v32 : Click Here

5530 :


v40.0.003 : Click Here

v32 : Click Here

5250 :


v30 : Click Here

v20.0.004 : Click Here

All credits go to binh24 for porting :)

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Great work buddy :)

BTW, its been in news that mediafire and 4shared are deleting all the files !!! They too gonna be unavailable :(

SOPA/PIPA act is really affecting bad :(

Mediafire is safe :)

Just read a post at their blog!!

They said that there isn't any such issue yet!!

Just follow their Terms n Conditions and dont post anything which could lead to ban on your link :)

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This thread is mainly to provide Core files for C6/N97 based cfws

For the rofs2 you will need to contact the respective porter !!! In your case, you will need to contact binh24 for this.

OK no problem then I will just use C6v41 by mara or by you if there is no clean N97v30 rofs2 with no mods so sad  :(  coz n97v30 is better than c6v41 I guess.

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