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How make desktop cool under $20..!!


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First off all meterials we need:Cpu Funnel and  3 casefans

Here's my plan :

Posted Image

green represents vacum created  by case fame ,Blue air thrown by case fan,Red represents air taken by case fan air flow...

maybe u understood wat i'm tring to say now go to a little deeper...I know this method works 100% because heat released by any component is expelled out imidiately that make the inner enviroment in cpu cool...but that's not all that method makes your case cool but not the cpu..to cool cpu use the funnel,insert a fan in it like this:

[img width=560 height=420] 2zjbcra.jpg

in blowing to cpu, the funnel makes a vacum and forces the cpu fan to run above 2000RPM...here's the Plan ..:

[img width=617 height=420] 2vj74nb.png

(note:Don't let the distance b/w the funnel and cpu too close so it interupts air flow...

and here's it actually placed inside the cpu let the distance not more than it..(sorry for bad quality):[img width=315 height=420] 211th5e.jpg

Here are the results:

[img width=591 height=420] mijdye.jpg

i'm using a local cpu fan thats why its 1740RPM actually it was 1400RPM(without method)

+1 me if this worked for you: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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