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LG Cookie KP500 iPhone Theme


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iPhone v3.10 theme for LG Cookie KP500 [English]

>Idle_widget.swf(Slide to Unlock with 3 Different background images) and topmenu_widget.swf(Homescreen) improved and loads directly from FlashContents.

>3 new styles for Showing date and time in Idle_widget.swf

>Weather widget working Fine(needs GPRS connection)

>New Motion Sensor games added

>Calender and ToDo lags removed

>New icons for Drawing panel, Alarm, Bluetooth

>Touch and Slide interface for Main menu

>iPhone like Notifications added in Idle_widget

Posted Image

Posted Image


Tools You Need: LG Utility, Winimage, Flash USB driver (attached below)

* You need to have LG PC suite installed.

* Installs all the drivers from LGCookie KP500 Files. This includes (flash usb driver and winimage)

* Upgrade your current Firmware if necessary, to OFW: V10.00G (LG support tool)

* Copy the 'KP500.flb' from LGCookie KP500 Files attached below, to your 'C:\'

Now before flashing, Change your USB Connectivity setting in mob to 'Ask Always'. Then remove the battery, SIM, Memory card, etc. It is necessary to remove everything before flashing to avoid your phone getting bricked ;)

* Open LG utility. You will see the menu options.

Posted Image

* Now type 'D' as your are doing a back up of the CUST files from your LG Firmware. So type 'D' and press Enter

* then type '\\.\USB1' and press enter. It indicates the USB port you are using for flashing.

Posted Image

* then type the Location of the sec-pack file(KP500.flb) which we had pasted in 'C:\'. So type 'C:\KP500.flb' and press enter

Posted Image

* Now the Final one, Data file, its the file your CUST files will get stored. So type 'CUST_THEME' and press enter.

Posted Image

* As soon as you press enter connect the USB and phone, now let it do the work. Wait until you see Done in the LG utiliy window and the Phone restarts. After that you get two files in your LG Utility folder, a CUST_THEME n .big file. Delete the .big file.

Make two copies of 'CUST_THEME', one your Backup and the other you need to Edit.

Open winimage, in that Open new file, select the CUST_THEME file, if a partion window appears just click OK.

Posted Image

In winimage, you will see the lgapp folder, open it, select the DMF folder, delete all the contents in it n not the DMF folder :P

Open iPhonev3.10 folder, you will find a DMF folder in it, Open it, Drag the CONTENTS from the DMF folder there to DMF folder in winimage.

[img width=379 height=420] 2pq456f.jpg

Save winimage. Now Do the same above process(Open Lg utility and so on). This time you have to select 'C' instead of 'D'.


* 'C' then Enter

* '\\.\USB1' enter

* 'C:\KP500.flb' enter

* 'CUST_THEME' enter

* Connect Mobile to USB with everything removed(battery, sim, memory card)

* wait for 10 min till it gets Done and your phone restarts automatically.

Now insert Batteries and SIM back, Connect to USB, select 'Mass Storage', Copy paste the 'FlashContents' from 'iPhonev3.10' folder to the 'FlashContents' folder in your Phone Memory. Eject. Do a Factory Reset.

Tada!!! iPhone in Cookie :D;)


Original theme translated from Russian by Roby and Cristian.

Theme icons modified by Cristianx5

widget and keylock modified by Me :)

Thanks to HiTrecho for the help with Editing .swf files

Download iPhone v3.10 (DMF and FlashContents)

Download Winimage from here

+2 if it was worth for you :D and -1 Because i bad English :))

EDIT: Winimage link updated ;)


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