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[Mods]All mods needed for making a cfw


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:) :)

All mods for making a cfw

Many mods are present in this rar file and if I left with any mod or something like that. Tell me





1). Battery Mod by Rohit

2). Brightness fix by dan_av

3). CPU_mod_with_80%_usage_and_better_fps_by die2mrw007

4). Decrease theme preview time by Rohit

5). Default call volume increased to 80 n 100 in internal n loudspeaker resp by Rohit

6). Delete ovi music from music player by Rohit

7). Entry291_C6 dialer by Mahan

8 ). Faster scrolling in Music player by Rohit

9). FileBrowser_Extracted_by_die2mrw007

10). Final_N8_icon_pack_for_C6_V40_by_Binh24   


11). Fix_Camera_Port_c6_for_523x by Akshay 5233

12). gridroot N8 app loader in it

13). KillMe (sis file)

14). Lights_mod_v3_by_mara

15). Menu Grid Switcher v1.02(1)  (sis file)

16). Music Stopper To Ovi

17). N8 smile

19). Music player Heap size n Playback volume by Rohit

20). Removed help from music, photo and video menu by Rohit

21). Replace Shareonline to Accelswitch (rofs2)

22). Restart Phone instead of Lock screens & keys

23). restart-and-shutdown icons given by Mahan

24). Ringtones belle by GamerVC007

25). rompatcherplus_3.1 by symbian toys

26). Show sim contacts by default by Rohit

27). Swipe n8 theme by Binh

28). Swipe-To-Unlock  C6-N8 Style By FuRCoM


30). Swipe-To-Unlock_extracted_by_FuRCoM


                        30 Mods 


        Plzz add More to this thread 



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