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[Guide] How to remove smartinstaller from Qt based apps and avoid install error


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Hey guys.. :)

Recently I can see that many users had a problem while they try to install Qt based apps because of the conflict between smart installer and hacked installserver.exe that we use to hack our devices

First and main thing that you should do is to download and install the attached siseditor app on your phone

-after you install,open the siseditor and go to first option "Package name". Window will popup asking you to download UCweb,press "NO"

-next you will have to choose from which drive you want to select (in this case Qt based app that you want to remove smart installer from)

-now the application has been opened and go to option "File list-64 file(s)

-you can see now the application and smart installer are separated

-mark the application,press options/extract some where in your memory card

-once the app is extracted you can close siseditor

-now the app is without smart installer

-with your file manger find extracted app and install on your phone

Its fully tested & working 100%

I don't know is this working on s^3 devices but it works on all s60 v5

If you want to remove smart installer form Qt based apps downloaded from Ovi/Nokia Store follow this steps

-open your Ovi/Nokia store

-find and download the desired Qt app

-when the downloading is complete window will popup "Preparing installation" and right after this "Install: name of the app with options "OK" and "Cancel"

-do not press any option but press the menu button and leave Ovi/Nokia store to work in backround

-open your file manager and go to E:/install. Here will be downloaded app from Ovi/Nokia store and copy the app to other folder on your memory card

-once the downloaded app is copied to one other location you can close the Ovi/Nokia store

For removing the smart installer use the above method with siseditor


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