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Nokia 5800 RM-356-v52.0.001 ►Optimum^03 Pro™ Series VI: Falcon | C6v41 based


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Optimum^03 Pro™ Series VI: Falcon

CFW Creator: Ash0103

Posted Image [img width=236 height=420] 5vu14x.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] 2ql4cwz.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 105u0eu.jpg

[img width=236 height=420] ruzltx.jpg [img width=236 height=420] 3m9s.jpg

credits to:

oreo27, gautam_5800 (for some mods), system32white, fahimmuchi, pirates_killer, binh24 (original c6-v20 port), prakashkaran (some instructions), jinkaiser13 (big thanks man!), Rawand Kurdy, nhey_killuah, and the rest of PNHT, DM, and Symbianize Modders.!!

Featuring :

* New platform: C6-V41.0.blah! blah! With new default browser version;

* Fresh and Fast UI (must feel??? whatever!!);

* Stable RAM status (tsk! tsk! as if it matters during usage..  );

* Personal theme effects used (optimized, bugs fixed, 70% original, arranged, fixed, and organized by yours truly);

* Super-duper-ultra-mega Fast Screen Rotation;

* Phone memory cache doubled;

* A little pinch on the default homescreen apps;

* Navi-bar Mod by the Power Modders (jomar, badvlad, devilbats and kandongango, credits goes to them);

* Some icons from devilbats' works (credits goes to him);

* Mediabar Background from the previous version is retained;

* Some fixes from the previous version's bugs;

* New tones from Sony Ericsson Xperia X8;

* With all my mods intact,  this CFW is bug-free.

Notes for this Version:

1. As usual, this CFW is simplified. Never mind the splash-screen and the profile name as this CFW deserves its creator's touch. You can change them anyway accdg. to your preferences.

2. Clean flash is a must if you are coming from a different CFW version to avoid or to isolate cases of bugs. And before doing so, remember to BACKUP your messages and contacts ONLY. Disregard the Settings. Use the PC Suite doing backup. It is the most reliable tool for backup and restoration.

3. If you wish to hide your porn videos, porn pics, and other porn, malicious, and indecent materials or media ;D, then put them on E:/ Videos. If you wish that your videos will be read by the gallery, then put them on E:\my Videos. Create one if you don't have it yet. Please be aware that videos read by the gallery will always be included in the image gallery.

4. Adding your own mods (especially system and visual mods) may cause bugs in this CFW.I suggest that you do a compatibility test first before adding.

5.TTPod is added on the Music Homescreen. If you see a puzzle icon there, install TTPod so the icon will be replaced with that of TTpod's.

Other Notes:

1. This is for Nokia 5800 RM-356 ONLY. Swapping rofs2 on other phone variants will definitely kill your phone.

2. The base of this firmware is Version 52.0.007 of the 5800 series, and is using an original port of C6-V20.0.042 firmware by binh24. This is the highest FW version of 5800. Reverting back to V51 will kill your phone. And also, if your phone had already undergone LCD repair, DO THINK TWICE BEFORE FLASHING.

3. If you're coming from an old 5800 FW version, just copy the files to your flashing folders, delete the folders "sys, system, resource, and private" from your mmc and flash. There is no need to rename the files.

4. If you are coming from a v52 5800 and had already used a C6-v20.0.042 port and you don't want to erase your phone's data, just flash as if you're flashing any CFW but leave the APE VARIANT on your JAF UNTICKED. Furthermore, there's no need for you to erase folders from your MMC. Just turn off your phone and flash.

5. After flashing, let your phone load everything on your homescreen. Let it stand for around 30 seconds or so. Afterwards, install all your applications back and set all your default system configurations, profile personalizations, access points, etc. After such, restart your phone. After restarting, again let your phone load everything until the homescreen locks. Then unlock the HS. YOu should have now a working media bar.

6. If you don't want the general profile name, open your rofs2 and go to private/10202be9/101F8798.txt and edit 0x2 string.

7.Messaging and call pop-ups are disabled on this CFW.

Logs and Other Features

Physical Look:

* Smart home-screen;

* Systematically arranged 4x5 menu grid and layout with full screen feature (If you want 4x4 menu grid, just download this and drop in your rofs2/resource;

* Black ID by guilio7g is used as default theme;

* Now, Image gallery has a delete (trash bin icon) option;

* "OK" button replaced "Check" button on Message editor;

* New QWERTY peninput look (credits to dan-av);

* New alpha-numeric peninput look (credits to dan-av);

* Full PR^2 (Symbian Anna) Icons with menu icons modifications;


* Lightest theme effects used. Experience zero lag when entering and exiting menu and sub-menus especially on Settings Menu;

* Touch-screen responsiveness is increased;

* Enjoy your wallpapers to the most. Swipe your home-screen to blank;

* Tap-to-unlock modded to a neater one;

* Extreme rotation speed;

* N8 kinetic scrolling used;

* Call Duration and Call summary are always on;

System Utility Configurations:

* System cache and browser cache are moved to E:/ for faster performance;

* Heap size increased for faster applications' responsiveness. Application close delay is decreased;

* CPU is tweaked for a speedy performance;

* Dialer auto-rotate capability is removed. The ported C6-v20.0.042 doesn't support this feature;

* RAM caching is disabled when Messaging, Clock, Logs, and Calendars are exited;

* RAM caching is disabled when the Camera is exited;

* FOTA reserved space is remove;

* See Micro-SD status (inserted or not) on Home-screen;

* FOTA update options is removed;

* Tapping Settings added;

* Smooth brightness adjustment;

* Restart option on power button added;

* Press and hold "0" on dialer to turn bluetooth on;

* Send everything from the default File manager;

* "show open apps" option is removed;

* Pop-up fade is disabled;

* Improved light behavior is used;

* Key guard and light rules are set to 30 seconds;

* New C6-feature- Press middle button (especially when minimizing an application) and go instantly to Home Screen


* Music Player 15.2 with lyrics support is embedded;

* OVI music option is removed;

* Music Player reads only E:/Music;

* Music Player exits on its branch menu and not on main menu;

* Special Audio Codecs are used for a maximum Bass Effect (on MP settings, turn Bass Booster, Loudness, and Stero Widening on);

* TV-out is fixed;

* RDS radio is fixed, but is slow in recognizing stations with RDS support;

* Camera quality is improved. Get a whole 3.2 MP package (Addt'l. tip: When taking pictures adjust Contrast 1 line higher and Exposure to 0.5);

* High quality voice recording enabled;

* Video FPS is set to highest;

* Zooming Error using volume keys is fixed;

* N8 Tones used;

Office Configurations:

* Email option on Messaging is removed;

* The two "create email" option bug is fixed;

* Missing send functions fixed;

* Call Summary and Call Duration are turned on by default;

* Number of Saved messages is set to 999;

* Four-row Peninput is used (credits to drigz);

* Messaging lag is removed;

* Ovi Contacts disabled;

Java and Web:

* Resume downloads after a browser crash;

* Java permission tweak is added;

* Browser has a "landscape" option;

* WIFI Scanning interval improved;

Removed Applications:

* About Nokia;

* Adobe Reader;

* Chat;

* Drawing;

* Here and Now;

* My Nokia;

* Nokia File Manager;

* Notes;

* Ovi Store;

* Ovi Sync;

* Podcasting;

* Quick Office;

* Share Online;

* Welcome;

Other Features:

* TTpod integrated on Music Menu. The mod is compatible with TTpod versions 3.70 to 3.71.

* Optimized Kinetic Scrolling (modded by me);

* UI and Touchscreen responsiveness increased (Personal Preference);

* Starter Files edited. Start-up RAM Value Increased (but not that much);

* Apps and Games FPS is set to Max (personal preference);

* Full N8 Icons used;

* TV-out is fixed Completely (removed smooth brightness adjustment mod);

* N8 Digital Clock used for a pro-looking 5800 clock display;

* Clock Settings is set to 24hrs;

* N8 Swipe-to-unlock is used for a Pro-looking phone;

* Photo Browser embedded in the rofs- get a "Browser" option on your Photos Menu;

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Hi all. Just a quick question/help please. Im using optimum pro 3 but have one gripe that is starting to really bug me. When running UCweb Profimail and then i click on a link in an email that opens built in email client i get an error Memory Full and then it closes ucweb and profimail and just buildin web browser runs? ? Please any help. Thanks in advance.

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Hi all. Just a quick question/help please. Im using optimum pro 3 but have one gripe that is starting to really bug me. When running UCweb Profimail and then i click on a link in an email that opens built in email client i get an error Memory Full and then it closes ucweb and profimail and just buildin web browser runs? ? Please any help. Thanks in advance.

maybe both the email clients are clashing together... I suppose so
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