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Theme effects changer- ChangeFX - Now With C2Z And E2Z Support [Updated]

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A new app made by aneeshd16 to change theme effects on your phone.

It automates the process of extracting zip, copying to c\resource, and going to themes->theme effects->on.

The theme effects should be in a zip file. All the files should be in a 'effects' folder inside the zip. Almost all theme effects here on dm follow this pattern.


1. Apply c2z or e2z patch. (Check which version you have) New theme effects will NOT work if it is not applied. (If it is already applied, no need to reapply)

2. Make a folder 'changefx' in your memory card. (e:\changefx)

3. Put all the zip files inside that folder and run the app.

4. Select the zip file and then WAIT.

5. If the c2z/e2z patch has not been applied, it will open the Rompatcher app.

5. You will see the app sending keys to the themes app. Enjoy the show

6. Do NOT touch/press anything till the app exits.

UPDATE 3/5/12

IMPORTANT In some phones the menu button gets disabled after using this app. Download changefx c2z menu fix.sis or changefx e2z menu fix.sis according to your version.

The 1st attachment is the c2z version, 2nd is e2z version.

UPDATE 28/4/12

Supports the e2z patch. (theme effects will be extracted to e:\resource). The e2z version has exactly the same features as the c2z one. I personally prefer the e2z version as it is considered to be less buggy. However this will be a bit slower than the c2z version. For the e2z patch maker, search in the forum. However you can install only one of them. Both do the same job.

UPDATE 26/4/12 Changelog:

1. Detects whether c2z patch is applied or not. If not applied, it opens the RomPatcher app.

2. Added an option to restore the default theme effects.

3. Slight increase in speed.

4. Bugs fixed.

Thats it! theme effects changed in a matter of seconds!

This app needs m runtime environment, download it here.

This app may have some bugs so any feedback is appreciated. And do press the green arrow 

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[img width=236 height=420] q3kus.jpg

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