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plZ help : regarding Rompatcher & effects!


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I want to get theme effects on my c6-01.  i'm a beginner.

>I've have hacked my device with norton hack.

>Enabled "indtall server" n open4all" in rompatcher+

>Copied "effects" folder to c:\Resource using xplore

What next??

How will i get c2z patch in rompatcher+??

If u can flash using Phoenix,I can provide u a cfw!!

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U need to create one for ur phone... Open Rompatcher+ and apply both installserver n Open4all patches.. Install the attached app in ur phone... In applications, Open this app.. A blank screen will appear.. Open Options and then Generate.. c2z.rmp will be created in your F:/ or may b E:/.. But it will.... Move it to the patches folder... Open Rompatcher+..apply the patch n u r done...:) NOTE: Dont forget to apply the Open4all patch before opening the application or else u'l gt an error Works on my 5233, Hope it works on yours too , If it doesn't work thn let me know..:)


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