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[Guide][S-OFF] Wildfire S


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Virgin Mobile CDMA S-OFF Without XTC-Clip Confirmed Working!

Ok so I spent hours reading post after post and thread after thread trying to figure out how I could get S-OFF on my Virgin Mobile Wildfire S without having to use an XTC clip. I was told by another user (thehumble1) that I was able to do it without the use of an XTC Clip and it seems to only work with CDMA versions of the Wildfire S. So after hours of trial and error and frustration I finally was able to get S-OFF without the use of an XTC Clip. I decided to write a tutorial specifically to the Virgin Mobile Wildfire S users so that they don't have to do all the searching that I did.




Ok first we need to modify an sd card to make something called a gold card. Don't ask me what it is because honestly I have no idea I just know it is a necessary process in getting S-OFF.

1. Backup all files on your SD card as we will be formatting the card and you will lose all of your data.

2. Plug your phone into your computer and make sure hard disk mode is chosen. (Make sure USB debugging is turned on also)

3.Extract SimpleGoldCard_v1.zip to your desktop and start SimpleGoldCard.exe.

4. Select your SD card's drive letter in the drop down menu under "Step 1 - Format SD Card" and then select Format. If your drive letter is not showing up try pressing the refresh button next to the drop down menu.

5. Select ok when it says Format Complete then turn your phones USB Connection option to Charge Only instead of Disk Drive.

6. Next under "Step 3" select the MMC1 radio button and then click on GetCID. (It will produce a long list of jumbled numbers and letters this is your SD card ID)

7. Then select the link under "Step 4 - Request for IMG file". Copy the long ID from "Step 3" and paste it into the CID space on the web page you just opened and then fill out the captcha form and click Download to download your goldcard.img file (Save to your desktop)(the goldcard.img files are specific to individual SD Cards)

8. Close the page once you have downloaded your file and then bring back the Simple Gold Card application. Under "Step 5 - Load IMG File And Patch" select Load IMG and locate the goldcard.img file that you just downloaded and select it.

9. Put your phone back into Disk Drive mode and then click Patch MMC. Once everything is complete you should have a working gold card. (To make sure, remove your SD card and reinsert it and make sure that it still functions normally.

After your gold card has been made you need to download and unrar the DIAG Files.rar file I have uploaded. Extract the of the folder to the root of the new Gold Card you have just made. There should be two files and it should look like this when you are complete.



*F being the letter of your removable drive whatever that may be

Before we move on to the next step we need to make sure that Fast Boot is turned off. So to do that you need to go to Settings/Power and then make sure Fast Boot is not selected.


1. Once that has been done power off your phone and pull the battery for a good 5 seconds just to make sure it's completely off.

2. Boot into HBOOT by holding Volume down while pressing the power button (you do not need to hold the power button, only hold the volume down button) The HBOOT screen will boot up and then you can let go of the Volume down button.

3. The phone will automatically scan the SD card for the files we just put on the root of the SD card and will start the update process.

4. A screen will appear that says Clean s58. Press the power button once to select clean s58 and the phone will start doing it's thing and should take about a good 20 seconds until it's finished.

5. Once the process is complete then pull the battery to turn the phone off.

6. Once the phone is off remove the SD card so that the phone doesn't install the DIAG files when we boot into HBOOT to check if we now have S-OFF.

7. Boot into HBOOT again by holding Volume down and quickly pressing the power button. The phone should boot into HBOOT and at the top of the screen it should now say S-OFF. Congratulations you now have Security off on your Virgin Mobile Wildfire S!

Now all that is left to do is restart your phone, reformat the SD card to remove the files we don't need anymore and restore your backed up files and your all set. You may now root your phone and do whatever it is that you wanted S-OFF for.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. Comments are welcome. Any corrections or things that need to be changed as well let me know. This is my very first tutorial ever on XDA Forums so I hope that I was able to help some people out. All feedback is welcome and if this tutorial helped please give sk8tr5955 a thanks.




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eoghan2t7  has been trying to find away to S-OFF this phone before i get it in a few weeks i hve been looking at files that ahmadns sent me via pm and i remembered that a .nbh file is a flashable file from hboot the .nbh file is the file that the XTC-Clip uses to s-off the phone. But because i dont have the phone yet i am looking for willing people to try this file to see if it works. Also if this works then it will on S-OFF your device is will not unlock it to all networks that is what the XTC-Clip does after flashing the PG76DIAG.nbh

Here is the steps needed to flash the file:

  1.  create GoldCard

  2.  put following file on the GoldCard (PG76DIAG.nbh) - http://dl.dbank.com/c0pmlgo4rr

  3.  boot to the HBOOT menu

  4.  choose clean S58 data

  5.  after it's finished, unplug battery and start mobile again

  6.  check whether it's S-OFF now



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1st?thanks to eoghan2t7's work?I use the PG76DIAG.nbh with XTC clip way (not the steps eoghan2t7 gives). BTW, sorry for my poor english

someone successfully makes it s-off?but?he use a useless sim card with Two layer chips?he removed the one inside?leave the chip outside still there?

here are my steps

1,make a gold card

2,download and put PG76DIAG.nbh into the sdcard(gold card)

3,go into hboot,wait to scan and you will see this

Posted Image

just press Volume down

4,and then you will see

Posted Image

press power

press power again


then you will see

Posted Image

6,go into hboot again to check if it is s-off now

sorry?the one who make it works uses the XTC gold card and replace the PG76DIAG.nbh with the one eoghan2t7 gives us,other copied the files from the card but not work.Now,I'm testing ghost of the XTC goldcard,hope it will work.


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i have problem in hboot. every thing is fine but it stop updating on jumping to diag... message!

it happen same for me too!!! :(

when hboot load, PG76DIAG.nbh with progress bar and then say 'Jumping to DIAG...' and dosn't any thing.

i wait for 10 minute but do nothing!!!

what's wrong?

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no Only say Jumping to DIAG...' and freez and dosn't appear this picture  !!! :-S

thank you for your replay

Seems strange...As I dont have this phone, I cant figure out where exactly it is going wrong. Anyways, I will ask some other Wildfire S users and will let you know soon :)
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