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Search And Delete Duplicate Files & Folders On Your System With NoDupe


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When downloading content from the internet, it is not unusual that you may have multiple copies of the same item in different memory locations, wasting precious storage space. NoDupe is a duplicate file and folder finder that locates duplicates in your hard drives, and allows you to delete these dupes, resulting in more free space and less cluttering in your system. NoDupe can locate duplicate files, directories and music files even if they don’t share the same ID3 tags. The application allows you to search for duplicates in local as well as remote locations, select only the duplicates, and delete them all at once.

The Search and Results tabs are present at the left side, while Search criteria can be defined on the right side of the interface. To start, define the Search Type from the drop down menu containing Albums, All Files, Directories, Large Files and Music Files. Click Customize to customize your search by specifying the Extension and Size filters. Click Apply when done.

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Click Options button under Advanced to access the Advanced Options of NoDupe to configure settings related to File Deletion and Hidden Folders. Click Search after completing all configurations.

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Once the search process is complete, the application will automatically switch to the Results tab, and display the list of all duplicate files found ion your selected hard drive. You can export the file list in CSV format by clicking Export button available on the right side.

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Click Auto Mark to access options to automatically mark the duplicate according to Date, Size or Path depending on your preference.

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All the duplicate files will be marked according to your preference and will be ready for deletion. Click Delete to begin the deletion process.

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NoDupe works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

Download NoDupe

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