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Eco Charger v1.2


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Eco Charger v1.2 self signed


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Support:[email protected]


*Alarms the user when battery is full.

*Shows a Image Popup too.Where you can select Close or Exit option.Close option turns off Image and alarm.

*Totally Hidden-App a system app(Cant be terminated by Ramblow and other application).Hidden from default and other Taskmanagers.

*Consumes very less RAM

*Volume configure option

*Snooze option.

*Image and tone are placed in !:/data/EcoCharger so you can change them according to your taste.Change the tone to your favourate song etc.

*ROM Compatible-You can flash this app into your ROM if you want and still can change the Alarm Sound or Popup Image

App gives 1st prefence to file available in following order

1)e or f



So if Image files lies in z as well as E drive,E drive's image will be used by application.

*Above all its signed hence no need to sign the app if your phone is not hacked

*If you find any bug report to the email id mentioned.It only helps in making the app better.

Version History


Support for S^3 phones added

v 1.0.1

*Bugs fixed when installed in E drive...now app wont exit



cGiPDA Team


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