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Metro 2 CFW based on C6v41 for most S^1 devices - Pre-Release Versions

Guest prayaas1998

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Guest prayaas1998

A few words to start with..

You're Simple, Professional, Intuitive, Clean, Approachable, Fast  :x Metro 2

A carefully planned robust, reliable and usable experience. An experience equally well understood and experienced by both, pros and newbies.

Simplicity. Not gaudy. Not plain. Appealing, yet simple.

Professionalism. No kiddish stuff. No stupidity, yet accessible and usable by newbies.

Intuitiveness: Perfect experience, from flashing to using, for all.

Cleanliness: No bloatware. No junk, yet all useful stuff.

Approachability: Rely on your phone completely. Get 'Bang for Buck'. No freezing, a 'free' experience.

Speed: Performance. All you need. When you need. As you need.

Note on Pre-Release Versions

Metro 2's final version might take a good deal of time. So, three pre-release versions will be released before the actual thing arrives. This will ensure that final version's things are liked by people and is totally bug-free. Now, I'll list all the three pre-release versions:

CTP: Community Technical Preview. A prototype with not more than 4 elements of UI touched. It is a stage even before the beta and is only a glimpse of the performance. This CTP's gonna' come soon. Stay tuned!

Beta: The most well known phase of testing any software. It will be feature-complete and will be released to public for testing. It will have the real 'look and feel' of Metro 2.

RC: Release Candidate. It is the phase where the CFW is almost done. It will be released for users to report last bugs and give suggestions.

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Guest prayaas1998

The Community Technical Preview

This is a demonstration of the CFW which is half as good as the final release or the beta, for that matter. The only aim to release the CFW at such a primitive stage is to show people the new innovations behind the project, as soon as possible (before somebody else comes up with my ideas, :P or a tester leaks my information). This CFW is completely newbie friendly - A thing pointed out many times. But still, due to its prototype nature, I recommend that if you get offended by slightest bugs or want everything to be perfect, stick to your current FW and wait for the beta to arrive. Then, of-course come to mine!

What's Different

So, I've been talking all this while about introducing CFWs to newbies. Now I'm gonna' (finally!) reveal my ideas and it's implementations. I thought that each and every component has to be focused on in order to make it user-friendly. Now, I thought of all the things we generally do when we see a CFW. Download, flash, use. Only the usage part has been focused on by most people. So, what about assisting users flash their phone? If you're a newbie and find it difficult to follow all the steps a CFW maker provides, why not simply create an automated experience for you? Comes to the rescue is a technology I call 'The Assistant'. You no longer need to read tutorials on flashing like stupids or find appropriate core files or even paste fixes in the something called ROFS2. I'm talking to those who don't know what that thing is.

The Assistant

The Assistant is a tool designed to help you in flashing a CFW and works seamlessly with JAF. Note that the CTP contains only a part of the full functionality of this tool. This is partly due to the fact that I don't want newbies trying out the CTP. :P

Below are a few screenshots to make you understand what it is.

Posted Image [img width=503 height=420] Untitled.png

Much more is coming after CTP. Stay tuned for the beta.

Download and Install

Nokia 5800 RM-356 v52.0.07

Nokia 5800 RM-356 v52.0.101

Nokia 5230,35 RM-588 v50.6.002

Install JAF 1.98.62. Just download the file. Run it. Your Phoenix\Products\RM-XYZ should be empty. After it's done, you're good to go. See the icon on desktop. You may need to change compatibility settings on Windows 7. Flash it to your phone using the normal way.

Links for RM-356 v60.0.03 users will be added soon.

Links for other RMs will be added soon.

Release Notes

Known bugs and workarounds: This build is found to have a bug concerning lock/unlock. Just kill all processes using KillMe and the bug will also be killed. A permanent fix will soon be provided for this.

Changes over Clean Port (yet, more to be added in beta)

Removed Apps: Ovi Maps 3.04, Chat, Podcasting, Image Print, Here and Now, Quick Office, Adobe Reader

Improved WiFi Sensitivity

All lights fixed

Exceptional Camera Quality.. :) Try it out yourself

Improvements to KS

Startup RAM ~ 65 MB

RAM after normal usage ~ 55-57 MB

No Qt Issues

RAM Caching in E:

Battery Life:

Inactive - 4 days

Normal usage - 2-3 days

Active (Heavy) Usage - 1-2 days

Default brightness and Light Sensor Settings separated

Camera Capture Tone 3 disables tone

Theme Effects and Rotation are ON by default

File Manager can send sis/sisx/jar

Lock by Proximity Sensor

Images in E:\Images\Hidden are hidden from gallery

ShareOnline in Photos is now Delete

Writing Speed maxed

Apps Added: Nokia Notifications, Nokia File Browser, BtSwitch

Music Player updated to 15.2 Build 687

Restart in place of Lock Screen & Keys

Additional Shortcut Bar Widgets

Voice Quality high by default and on E:

6 page symbols

Symbian Belle like Browser

Camera bug "Already in Use" fixed

C5-03 Tap To Unlock

Music Player reads both E:\Sounds and E:\Music

Music Player lags removed

Single Tap Equalizer

Browser prompts to continue download if connection breaks

Downloads can be resumed in case device reboots

Form AutoFill On by default

Google - Default Homepage

Superfast Startup

New Options in left selection key on HS added

Default text of many apps modified

(Sending message is now 'Texting', Unable to set is now 'Error :( etc. )

6x2 Landscape Menu from S^3

Center Text

Default Menu Arrangement from N8

Watermark on Splash Screen

Bluetooth, Profile, USB settings changed

Some themes removed

Default Theme - Nokia Theme Black (Will be changed in beta)


Will be soon added...

Note: Post will be soon updated.

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Guest prayaas1998


06-11-2011 21:02 - Metro 2 CTP Released for RM-356 v52.0.07

07-11-2011 14:26 - Metro 2 CTP Released for RM-356 v52.0.101

07-11-2011 21:09 - Metro 2 CTP Released for RM-588 v50.6.002

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Guest prayaas1998

omg, its awesome.

I should learn something from you.



What should you? Actually all this was possible only due to your motivation. :)

@Kingbandarmamu: Actually, the Assistant was the main strategy of the CTP. :)

Don't just like the screenshots of the assistant. Try it too.

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Guest prayaas1998

@Die2mrw007: 'The Assistant' is a tool designed in VB.NET. It was kept a secret and the testers did not have direct access to it. Each tester was given a unique product key and it was required for running 'The Assistant'. I laid down my own EULA with Terms and Conditions. 1 of them was the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 'The Assistant' actually copies all files required for flashing to the folders where they should be and places a shortcut to the JAF PKEY Emulator at the desktop. The user can double click it and easily flash files. When I was a newbie, I had a very difficult time understanding what PNHT C6 core files were, where to get them, and rename what (ROFS2). I kept that in mind while making this. It is an MSI installer package with a CAB file inserted into an EXE created using VB.NET. Later versions of 'The Assistant' will also include a compatible version of JAF as an optional installation. :) @nikrock007: I'm first making it for RM-588, then RM-625, then others. So, your phone's might come tomorrow. @GamerVC007: Trust me, I don't! I am so fed up of not being able to get time. This project started late August and now November has come. I'm only on CTP (Pre-Beta) Build 69. Also, due to my giving time to CFWing, my percentage came down from 91 to 83  :'( Now I want to get atleast 93% in final exams so I won't be giving this project too much of time. And BTW, what did you mean.. Too much time for compiling this post or the CFW or The Assistant? If post, then I want to say that I love writing flowery language in English. It's my favourite language. If CFW, answered above. If Assistant, the whole assistant thing took away 5 of my days. I regret it also and am happy also. Sorry for this essay. I've told you, I like writing English. CTP for v52.0.101 released! I'm adding more details and screens to the OP. :)

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