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Rules for posting Custom Firmwares!

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Use only this section for posting CFW, DO NOT create a new topic just for question and stuff. If you have a question ask them in the Custom Firmware Discussion Section. You still can comment the CFW and make questions about it, but don't create new topics unless you are posting a CFW. Rules for posting CFW:- 1. DO NOT use adf.ly links. We are here to provide free firmwares and help other people get the best out of their phone, not to earn money. Adf.ly So please don't use it. It's annoying. 2. Upload atleast 2 snap shots of the CFW 3. DO NOT ADD WAREZ/CRACKED APP ON THE FIRMWARE!! 4. Please post the title of your thread in this format:-   "Name Of Firmware - Base Firmware (OFW or C6) - Phone model - RM number"   For example:-   "Photon - C6 v20 - Nokia 523X, 5800, 5530, X6 - All RMs"   "Blazing Firmware - OFW v50 - Nokia 5233, 5230 - RM-625, 588" 5. Last but not the least UPLOAD ONLY WORKING AND TESTED FIRMWARES!! Just don't make and upload. Someone else might brick his/her/it's phone..... Thank you :smile:

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