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[GUIDE] Convert 16 digit to 8 digit theme for CFW - easy way BY MARA


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Hi all,

Probably everybody who create CFW knows how to convert 16 digit theme to 8 digit using HEX editor. Although, existing guide looks easy, it could be complicated for somebody. Well, there is even easier way. Get yourself a theme you want. Download SISContents.

1. Start SISContent

2. Go to File-Open and open sis file of the wanted theme.

3. Switch to Contents view in SISContents

Posted Image

4. Double click on file themepackage.skn

Posted Image

5. In Relative Installation path type new 8 digit UID. Valid UID's are in this range: 0×20000000 – 0x2FFFFFFF

Posted Image

After you enter new UID, just close the window.

6. Press Extract button in SISContents

Posted Image

7. Now, put corresponding files to Private and Resource folder.

8. Open file private\10202be9\101F876F.txt and do the following

- On line 0x14 replace the existing UID, with the new, which you just created.

- Open Calculator. Switch to Programmer mode. Select Hex. Enter the new UID you just created. Select Dec. Copy that value and paste it to 0x2 string instead of existing UID. Save the changes to file.

[img width=770 height=352] 5.png

[img width=770 height=402] 6.png

That's it.

If you found this useful, press Thanks button.


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