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[Tutorial] Install and Run EXE Files in Linux


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Today, I installed and ran an EXE file in Linux. Believe me, it’s true. Having known to all that the .exe files can not be installed or run in Linux. But how did I make it possible?

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Actually, the Linux architecture does not support the .exe files. But there is a free utility, “Wine” that gives you Windows environment in your Linux operating system. Installing the Wine software in your Linux computer you can install and run your favorite Windows applications. To begin you have to install the Wine software  in your Linux. After that you can install any EXE.

How to install Wine in your Linux operating system

Firstly, download the specific version of Wine for your Linux from WineHQ. In the download page you can see the links of Wine software for various version of Linux e.g Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mandriva etc. Click on your preferred link and follow the onscreen installation direction. Every version has its own installation procedure. You can also directly install the Wine software from the terminal by the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wine

Assuming that you are the root user and the internet connection is available. If you are using Ubuntu then Press Alt + F2 and type “gnome-terminal” then hit enter.

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This will open the terminal. Type “su” and hit enter to change your self in root user. You will be prompted for your root password. Now, here type the above commands one by one. At the time of installation system can download some files if required.

How to install and run EXE file

Navigate to the directory location of your windows application setup file and double click on it. It should start the installation of the application (.exe) file. If it does not work then you can start the installation process from the terminal by typing the following command

wine your_application_setup_file_name.exe

As example, if your application setup file resides in the desktop and the name of that file is install.exe then the command would look like these

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After installing the application in your Linux operating system, you can run it from Application > Wine > Programs. You can also run the application from the terminal by typing the command “wine your_application_setup_file_name.exe“. Replace “your_application_setup_file_name.exe” with your own.

Note: Though Wine can provide an environment of Windows in Linux some application may not install or run properly.

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